Day 2 Update

Your generosity sure carried us through today. Our room is full of beautiful orange flowers (you all know me so well!!) and we got to spend a lot of time visiting with family and friends. It was a great distraction both physically & emotionally. A million thanks to each of you again and we promise to find a way to thank each of you individually soon! 

Dr. Potkul came by this morning. He was very pleased with how the surgery went and he was still laughing at me about the Cubs comment. Kevin reported yesterday that they saw nothing during surgery to believe the cancer has spread and pathology on all of it should come back by Wednesday to officially confirm that. Daily radiation and the first round of chemo will begin the first week of December, which gives my body time to heal before beating it up again. I will need chemo buddies to drive/sit with me and I promise it’ll be worth your while! Part of the meds they’ll use act as an “amnesia” inducer, which I had yesterday before I got the epidural. I found a picture of me and Kevin on my phone last night, zero recollection of taking that! We also apparently shed tears together before I went back and nope, don’t remember that either. You don’t know what kind of material you could walk away with!

The Chaplain at the hospital also stopped by today and gave us a beautiful blanket in memory of our baby. We absolutely adore it & appreciated the gesture so much. It is amazing how the highs and lows are so interchangeable minute to minute. One step at a time. Or for all my fellow, “What About Bob?” movie fans out there, baby steps.

Until tomorrow,

Beef & Kevin

PS: did you know starbursts makes packs with only red & pink starbursts?! You’re telling me I no longer need to dodge the dreaded yellow?! Rhonda, our daytime nurse, gave us this treat tonight. She’s obviously our fave! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 2 Update

  1. Dear Bethany and Kevin,

    I check FB daily for these updates and continue to pray.. I am so sorry about the baby but I praise God that you will one day see your precious little one. I will continue to pray for the radiation and chemo. I am so thankful for wonderful staff in taking care of you. One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 41:13
    For I the Lord, your God takes hold of your right hand, it is I who say to you,”do not fear, I will help you ”
    Love ya,
    Melissa Schulenburg


  2. Beep Beep volunteer driver/sitter over here on call and ready to report for duty! We love yall and are learning from your courage and strength every day! Praying for you two ❤

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