Goals for Day 3

With day 3 being a rough one, I am taking over blog detail. We should have known it was going to be rough based on that 4 am visit.  The nurse and tech came to get her vitals and draw her blood and that’s when I heard in my half asleep daze, “I missed.” I was wide awake at that point, checking on Bethany as her nurse Julie took over to fix the line. Not a fun way to start the day. Once they were done we tried to go back to sleep before the next morning visit started and we made it to about 7:30 (not bad). The doctors checked on her and set her goals for the day. Goal #1 was to get the epidural out and they did. Important step in that she has to walk before we can be released and her legs were totally numb from it. It was pretty painful & it’s been tough figuring out the new meds. Goal #2 was to sit in a chair.  Sounds so simple doesn’t it? It sure wasn’t though. She fought through the dizziness, pain and nausea and got it done! Small wins are still wins and we will take them. As heartbreaking as it is to see Bethany in so much pain it’s also easy to see how strong she is and how hard she’s already fighting. She is going to kick this cancers ass!

It was of course great to have our families visit again today. The amount of support we have had through this really does mean the world to both of us. We honestly can’t thank everyone enough for reaching out. It really helps us get through and picks us up.



PS Could have used an Irish win today too…

6 thoughts on “Goals for Day 3

  1. If there’s anyone who crushes goals is bdawg! Thinking of yall and praying hard for comfort, pain ease, and continued small victories – they lead to the greatest wins! So happy you two have each other through these moments. Yall are so strong! xoxo Hilary and Andy

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  2. I don’t think I’ve gone 2 minutes since Friday without thinking of you and your families. And I’ve cried many times hurting for you. I have a lot of prayer warriors praying for you – for strength, peace, encouragement, and whatever else you need! Thank you so much for the blog to keep us all updated. I wish we were closer and I wasn’t working so much so I could help with Bethany’s doctor visits. Sending love to you all! ❤️

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  3. We can’t begin to imagine how difficult this journey will be for the both of you. Knowing you like we do there is no doubt you will kick cancer’s butt! Your blog is so helpful and inspiring so we know your continued recovery. Hope you are at home watching football today! We love you both!
    Mama and Papa Leonard (aka Lenny’s rents)

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  4. Sounds like today was a rough one 😢 Feel so bad for you. Hoping tomorrow will bring less pain and more steps towards recovery. Thinking about you constantly and praying for strength for both of you. Love you! Mom and Dad Hart.

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