Notice that exclamation point in that title!!

Yesterday was another really hard start to the day. The doctor usually first checks in around 5:30am and the pain was still awful. It’s hard to feel encouraged when you’ve already been in the hospital four days with seemingly no progress on the two goals that’ll get you out. Pain is also just miserable. I was an angry elf for sure, bless Kevin’s heart. 

I meet with the anesthesiologist around 10 and they recommended a TAP blocker in both sides of my abdomen which will basically numb the muscles and surface area since the incision is so long. I’d have to be put under again but I was sold. I was scheduled for it to be done before noon.

Buttttt I ate a half a banana and some cheerios while taking meds so there went the anesthesia option. I either had to forego the procedure all together or take the two shots after some pre-numbing shots, but it won’t bad they said…yeahhh. 🙂 Those “numbing”  shots each went through three layers of muscle and burnedddd while the numbing agent was injected. I then had the two actual shots, one on each side. They injected something that basically diffuses slowly over 72 hours. Since it was so deep, it wouldn’t be immediate relief but a long term win. In the end, it was worth it (as I have permanent teeth marks in my finger from biting it so hard during). 

Had a slight set back right after the procedure but after a few hours, it started to work. I was able to put the abdomen binder back on (basically a corset, keeps my guts tight together and in place to minimize pain) and even started to sit up in bed. I am pretty much laughing at myself writing this — when did sitting up in bed become so monumental?! 

But just wait for the big part guys. Last night around 6, after learning some tips from the physical therapist, I got out of bed by myself and WALKED an impressive (humble brag, but that’s what my doc said) length! I even sat up in a chair after for a bit after too. Ok, ok, I got pain meds & zofran right after but I earned those puppies, and big hugs and high fives from my two favorite nurses & cheering squad.

I have a shot at going home today thanks to it!! Doctor P. should be in around 7ish to hopefully make that call. We can’t wait for our bed and for SLEEP! Also can’t wait to see little Miss Toews…but this is all assuming we still have an apartment standing with Paisley being alone for how many days now? 

Thank you so much for all the encouragement yesterday. You have no idea how much it helps us get through this. Keep it coming! 

Love you all!

Beef & Kevin 

10 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. You’re a rockstar Beef!! Sending you so much love and good thoughts and prayers!! Keep kicking ass and getting those small wins every day!


  2. You are bad-ass! This is some tough stuff that getting thrown your way. You are doing great. Little by little you’ll get there. Keep celebrating and humble-bragging about the wins. We’re all with you every step and groan along the way.

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  3. SOOOOOOO happy to hear all of this!!! You go Girl!! Continued progress to you and a good nights sleep in your own bed tonight!! ❤️❤️❤️


  4. SO excited for you Beef!

    Hopefully Paisley was a good pup but I’m sure you’ll have some funny stories either way 😉


  5. This is wonderful news! Your good news brings such relief. You are such a warrior!! Looking forward to you having an even better day today. Love you!! Mom and Dad Hart


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