Pathology Results

Big win for us! Dr. Potkul called yesterday after their tumor board, pathology from the surgery confirmed that the cancer hadn’t spread anywhere in my body. That is one mighty step forward in our quest to be cured! 

Being home has been great for our spirits. We are hesitant to start thanking people publicly on here as we don’t want to leave anyone out but we would be remiss in not saying two huge thanks to: 1.) my mom & sister for stocking our fridge and pantry when we got home from the hospital and doing all our laundry and 2.) to both our Yelp & CDW families that have provided daily meals and so much food. It has been so helpful. Much more than food though, we have been so cared for & so supported by both of our work families since day one of this nightmare. We are very aware that not every company is supportive through times like these so we are eternally grateful for Yelp & CDW! 

The pain and thus sleep have been a roller coaster. The TAP blockers were to last around 72 hours, which would be through today. I’m admittedly pretty nervous about what that could mean pain wise and would appreciate prayers for continued healing. Doing my best to walk and sit as much as I can handle for my muscles sake, but that capability comes and goes. Patience is a hard, hard virtue when it comes to pain and healing. 

Today marks one week out from surgery. Our post op appt is scheduled for next Friday at the cancer center. Feels so far away, praying that time passes quickly and we make huge strides in the recovery by then. I’m told this is ultimately a six week healing process but at week two, I should be feeling significant improvement. 

One day at a time. Love you all! 

Beef & Kevin

11 thoughts on “Pathology Results

  1. AMAZING AMAZING NEWS!!! What a chunk of relief! God is good and you are on your way to putting this behind you! continued prayers for a quick week until Fridays appointment and subsiding of pain! Keep the faith! You are SO strong!


  2. AMAZING!!!! I’m so happy to hear this!! It must be such a relief to get this news. Y’all needed it! πŸ™‚ Nick and I are continuing to pray for you daily!


  3. Best news ever!! More assurance that you are going to beat this thing. Good luck with the upcoming days of pain meds. Might this be a time for medical marijuana?!…just sayin.


  4. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! So glad to hear the good news!! Continued love, prayers, and support being sent your way! 😘😍😘


  5. Praise God! So happy for the good news. You are a strong Chickadee- you come from the strongest Chick I know, you got this Bethany. Continuing to pray for you and Kevin and your families.


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