Move Complete ✔️

We are officially suburbanites, wow! A huge thanks to our realtor Kelly for such an easy process but the biggest thanks for the surprise of Christmas lights on the home. How thoughtful is that!! The actual move was successful yesterday. Can’t believe we are out of good ole 1601 Indiana, what a great apartment it was for the past two years. Our parents were the MVPs of the past two days, on both ends of the move. We are so appreciative! One of the best parts of this house too is we are only 12 minutes (precisely) from Sheila, Moe & Hadley. Sheila and H came over yesterday and let me tell you how fun an empty home is for a 2 year old. Who needs toys when you have empty kitchen cabinets! H is the best, such a little character. 

No stopping there this week though. Today I have labs for the surgery tomorrow & our chemo class at 4pm. Bring on the pro tips! 
My port surgery is tomorrow at 9:30am. I’m told this “mini surgery” should last about an hour & then they’ll keep me for a half hour or so to make sure everything is all good. Pray for a quick and easy process. I of course am scarred for life at the idea of surgery, so hopefully tomorrow will restore my faith that not every trip to the hospital is that bad! 

Let’s get to 3pm tomorrow though because that’s when one of my best friends Hilary lands in Chicago!! Last time we were with Hilary, we were in sunny Key West watching her marry her Prince Charming (don’t let her call you anything else Andy!) so although circumstances are a little different this time around, there will be no shortage of laughter and fun this weekend. On our agenda: figure out the wig situation, wear nothing but comfy clothes, decorate for Christmas, mani/pedi, soaking up every last moment of “regular life” before chemo & radiation begin, and there’s no better partner in crime to do that with! Rumor even has it that Hilary may be rocking a Kane jersey to day 1 of chemo, stay tuned! 

As for me, I’m hanging in there. The physical pain gets better every day and I’m getting around significantly better with each day that passes. Getting out of bed and standing up are the two tasks that still are hardest but I’ve come a LONG way. As the physical pain continues to subside, I’m more and more aware of the emotional/mental battle of everything that’s happened. I had a couple rough days this weekend processing it all. I’ve always been a worrier and let me tell you point blank, you can’t be that with a cancer diagnosis. My faith is being challenged in a whole new way and I feel it sometimes by the minute. Keep praying for us. And bring it on. I said to Kevin yesterday that this is all going to make me such a better person on the flip side because the things I’ve always struggled with most in life, I will have to master in this battle. That’s a win I guess?! 

Keep us in your thoughts & prayers tomorrow with the port surgery. And let it be an awesome weekend full of Christmas magic and “normalcy.” 


9 thoughts on “Move Complete ✔️

  1. a few items:
    1) You are truly a warrior and I am so so in awe of your courage, tenacity, and strength to let us all in on this journey. We are all learning so much from you and like many have said SO inspired!
    2) IM COMIN FOR YA!!!!!!!
    3) Still searching high and low (mostly low) for that Kane jersey…stay tuned.
    4) And if by prince charming you mean the kid who wore his CHARMING football jersey and CHARMING sweat pants with a CHARMING hole in them to Thanksgiving at age 28…then yep you nailed it!

    Cannot wait to see my girl!! (and you too Kev 🙂 🙂 )


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving and the pictures were a delight to see. I am praying for the procedure and have to say you should be pleasantly pleased although any procedure with anesthesia is scary- the best part- No more blood draws- YAY!!

    I’m so excited that the move went well. Love and prayers and have a blast with your bestie this weekend. Sounds like a blast!!
    Oh and I wanted to share that as I was reading your last note, I inadvertently read “warrior” instead of worrier. 🙂 which I think you are the bravest warrior around, so when that lil word creeps in your mind, switch out the o for an a. lol!


  3. Thank you for the updates – it’s difficult to process all that you are facing. Again, I truly admire you for your strength and positive attitude! Sending prayers your way for a successful surgery tomorrow and especially for a wonderful weekend with your best friend!
    Congratulations on your move! Love, Aunt Kathy


  4. Hey, Bethany:

    I am just hoping to “relieve” your worry factor a little bit if I can!😊 When I had the port put in, I, too, was apprehensive, but it all turned out to be needless worry on my part. They use a much lighter anesthesia so you wake up much faster and the “groggy” factor is minor. I had absolutely no pain from it and there are no drains or any other annoying thing to contend with afterwards. From what I’m told, the port is almost invisible under the skin for larger people. But for you, like me, who are on the thinner side, it will look like a “bump.” (I thought it looked like a “jawbreaker” or one of those 25 cent gimbals–a little smaller–under my skin. IT DOESN’T hurt and it makes the chemo SO much easier for the nurses to give and YOU to receive! No black and blue marks ever again on your poor arms! Also, the day after chemo, you have to get a shot to keep your blood counts up—-they use the port for every shot and blood test until you decide to have it taken out so it really does make things easier in that regard. Small blessings bit a blessing.

    Love you very much! Thinking about you and praying for you all the time. Can’t wait to see your new house.💗

    Aunt Jeanne


  5. Yes it’s a WIN and you are a WINNER!! You will beat this! I’m so glad you have this blog to keep each of us up on what’s going on in your lives and it’s a reminder to keep praying for you and showing us that God answers those prayers! You two are SO special!! 😍😘😍


  6. Keep writing lady. Each posts tells me more about the strength you have as a person and I’m blown away. You are thought of often – sending positive vibes your way for the quick surgery and your fast recovery!! Xoxo -Beattie


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