Exit Take Two

(Guest Blogger Mom cont.) Okay, well let’s just say our first exit didn’t go so well today. We ambled about five feet from the post surgical unit and it was “man down,” I quickly hit the button to return and they inquired about what I had forgotten, a brief explanation regarding my daughters prone state in the hallway summoned a flurry of activity including her hospital bed rolled right out to her in the hall (so high maintenance my dear). Apparently since she chose to take herself to the floor before fainting as opposed to free falling she helped  our favorite Nurse Kevin avoid mountains of paperwork!

After some Lorna Doones and two containers of juice a hospital chariot was summoned with two wonderful souls to assure a safe exit. As I tended to car retrieval, I returned to our two escorts literally sitting at Bethany’s feet (picture Snow White and adoring dwarfs), I’m sure they don’t roll out too many beauties like her. They begrudgingly gave her up to me and deposited her safely in my car! 

She’s home now in her happy place, candles burning, the Santa Clause on TV and Hilary sitting by her! Today’s great adventure is over and and another medical procedure checked off the list!

3 thoughts on “Exit Take Two

  1. Well, I must say — you would probably prefer that she didn’t create such a flurry; but after all — once a STAR — ALWAYS A STAR. Keep shining darling.


  2. Praise God your home safe and sound and doing well. Let’s add some excitement to the day. Wow! You have excellent writing skills mama Conrad. I loved the picture of mismatched socks. My kids have done that too. Ha😛 And now I do that. I hear it’s the latest style. When you shared of Bethany like Snow White and the Duarfs you shared makes me think of all the excitement you bring Bethany- you have an infectious beautiful smile. Going through all this sucks big time! Praying as you recover and hoping for a super fun weekend. Xo


  3. Thanks so much for the updates. Good to know you are all safe at home. What a day! Beef – hang in there. You deserve a medal or two or three. Your Mom deserves a few too. And, I gotta say, these guest bloggers are good! I can see where you get your sense of humor from. Love to you all.


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