Mismatched Socks

Guest Blogger Mom here, we’re waiting for surgery amongst fellow snorers and coughers. The good news is Bethany’s IV was a first attempt wonder, we’re speculating it was because her nurse was named Kevin. The only morning faux paus however was brought to her attention by Nurse Linda (visual above)!

What I admire and love about my daughter is how she finds laughter and joy in adversity. She has a tenacious and wonderful spirit and brings delight to every one that has the privilege of serving her in this hospital. I also love that all she cares about right now is what we will be having for lunch!

They will be carting her away soon and in odd way, I am overwhelmed with pride (sans the socks). She amazes me because I know her journey will leave an unending wake of inspiration. She is a funny, fascinating, strong and kick butt courageous, cancer you don’t stand a chance!  “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”-Esther 4:14

6 thoughts on “Mismatched Socks

  1. Praying for all of you! You’ve got a lot of people holding you up in prayer! Thanks for keeping us updated so we know exactly how to pray. Love you all!! ~The Cousins Family


  2. I love a good guest blogger and the sweet words Bethany will get to find when she is able to get caught up on whats shakin on the blog! Mary is so right – Bethany, you ARE all those things and so much more! Keep fighting the good fight you are closer to February with each day you knock out!


  3. I agree with you Mom Conrad that she is amazing — I also understand the inquiry about lunch. The unmatched socks — just start a new trend. Love to all of you

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  4. Mary, we are keeping you, your beautiful tenacious, funny, strong “Beef”,her hubby and all of you and God’s plans in our prayers regularly! She has had such a wonderful example of how to do whatever God has given her. Esther daughter!


    1. Thank you for the update. We know how strong Bethany is and a lot of that comes from her tremendous support structure and family. As for the mis-matched socks, my daughter once told me that life is too short to worry about matching socks 🙂 Thinking of you all.


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