‘Twas the night before Chemo…

Truth be told, Hilary, Kevin & I wanted to come up with a clever take on that Christmas favorite but as far as we got was, well, that. Probably better for all.

The big battle starts tomorrow at 8am sharp. Chemo will last around 8 hours & then I head to radiation right after at 3pm. Kevin & Hilary will be my partners in crime for day one. We plan on making our little room the happenin’ spot, of course. Is this like school where we should be planning a killer first day outfit?! 

Game plan for today is prep for tomorrow. We’ve spent the last few days compiling a checklist of everything we will need to survive the next three days x 8 hours. I ordered a few new books and another coloring book, all Christmas themed of course. I threw in a book of People crossword puzzles too, love those. Everything I’ve learned so far is hydration is key so Kevin of course got me the worlds biggest cup/jug that I’ll be rocking. A stop at the store for food and I think we will be set?! Oh and a blanket! My most favorite part to share. We received this blanket from a great family friend, Mrs. Barrett last week. As I opened it, it stopped me in my tracks. It’s so perfect, so beautiful! It brings my heart so much happiness. She wrote that she sewed us this so that Hallie would be with us tomorrow. Isn’t it amazing?

While there are a few nerves today, I am ready to rock and roll. Every chemo & radiation day completed is one day closer to the end goal. I have no idea how my body is going to tolerate this, I’ve been told over & over that no two fights are ever the same but mentally I’m ready to go. I’m thinking my mindset tomorrow will be 4th quarter, down by 2, ball in my hands, 10 seconds on the clock, no option but to win. Driving that left lane, for an and-one to seal the W with no time on the clock. That or real life in the Larkin gym my junior year of high school, three point line baby. Ask my Dad, that was a great game (sorry Pops, had too!). What I’m getting at is I always loved those moments as an athlete when the stakes were the highest, when the competition was the best. That was always the opportunity to shine the brightest as long as you executed your game plan, kept yourself loose and had a ton of fun in doing so. Starting tomorrow, the stakes couldn’t be any higher so I’d like to think in some weird twisted way this is the reason for which I was created. These are my free throws to win the game. These are the free throws to win my life back! These are the free throws that will make Hallie so proud. 

We’ve got our game plan in place through February and while “fun” doesn’t seem to correlate with cancer, there’s no other way to win these next 12 weeks than to find fun & laughter along the way. I know there are going to be really, really hard moments coming my way. I don’t know how long they’ll last or how frequent they’ll be so it’s up to me to make the absolute most of the good moments. There will be good moments! And here’s one big box of good moments for tomorrow specifically, from my team at work:

I’m not allowed to peek but I’m told what’s inside will provide no shortage of laughter (and perhaps a tear!). I just adore the ladies of Beeftown (it’s a Yelp thing), thank you so much & I promise to snap chat reactions! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Miss you guys! 

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers tomorrow & the rest of this week! I will take all the prayers for strength and peace I can get. And for those opportunities to laugh! 

By the end of this week, we will be 1/4 of the way there! 

PS: Hilary just woke up & surprised me with an incredible bag for chemo tomorrow that has everything on our checklist. She has beyond spoiled me!! Yay for just a day of FUN now! See look at that, already provided an opportunity and I hadn’t even hit post yet. She’s the best y’all! Yes, the y’all is in honor of our favorite Georgia Peach!!

3 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Chemo…

  1. You’ve got this Bethany! Hang in there and know you are not fighting alone. We love you, Uncle Evan and Aunt Kat


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