Day One Down!

If this gets posted and appears to be half written, it’s because I’ve fallen asleep at the keyboard! I am exhausted! But I did it!  

Ladies & gentleman, we are 1/12th of the way there with chemo and 1/25th of the way there with radiation! Another big step out of the way. I’ve learned about myself that when worry creeps up for me, it is usually always because of the unknowns or what to expect so conquering day ones like these are big wins for me. Got lots of compliments on my Hawks fight cancer sweater! Nailed the first day outfit for probably the first time in my life. Seriously, ask me for a picture from 4th grade.

The day itself was “easy.” My port site is still sore and bruised from surgery so the needle was a tad rough, but that isn’t a worry for the rest of the week as we left it in for tomorrow and Thursday. And then the area will be healed for round two so +1 point for the port! And because of it, three whole hospital visits coming up this week with no pokes or prods or knives? Yes please (and knock on wood?! 😀)!! 

Hilary and Kevin were quite the comical characters for the morning and then I was able to sleep & color the afternoon away. Radiation was a breeze. We of course had to document the big day one, including our #chemoji hats (trademark Hilary, thank you Mom!). I had some EPIC socks on but my Mom would legit kill me if I posted it, so text if you’re curious. 😂

One piece of exciting news! I found out today days 2&3 of each round are only one of the two chemo drugs so I’ll only be at the hospital for ~2 hours for chemo, then head over to radiation! Celebrate that win, but I’m telling you, a day forced to be spent in a recliner isn’t a bad life! 😂

I simply cannot end this blog tonight without a HUGE thank you to Yelp & to Hilary. 

To Yelp, my goodness, the coast to coast #orangeforbeef posts – pure genius!!  You literally took away any nerves out of the morning while we were heading in & throughout the day I didn’t even have time to think about anything other than all the great memories with all of you and laugh over the posts. You carried me through today!! Thank you!! To Kaela & Keylon, my besties and the masterminds behind it all, you are amazing. It’s humbling to know people care so much. And it means the absolute world to me. Everyone at Yelp has wrapped us in so much support since day one but today, you outdid even yourselves. I am SO thankful for my Yelp family. 

And to Hilary. Impossible to find words but please know how incredible you are. We went out for a “last supper” last night (yes it was pizza, I’m consistent if nothing else) and we get home and Hilary immediately starts vacuuming my entire house & organizing boxes, insisting I must come home to a clean house. I am so appreciative of all she did for us but I’m most appreciate of the escape that she was for me. The days leading up to today could’ve been filled with, “what ifs,” and, “I wonders,” but instead they were filled with sleepovers, heart to heart chats, Christmas, laughter and one especially hilarious game of Heads Up that, literally, ended up in screams. Hilary has always been the best of the best but man did she outdo even herself this week. Thanks for sharing her with us Andy!! 

Before calling it a night, I’ll end with this. I sat down to quick write this update and as with everyday, there’s 100 routes I could take with everything going on in my head. To get the ball rolling I asked myself what I was feeling most in that moment & the answer came quick: thankful. Grateful. Overwhelmingly thankful & grateful really. Thankful for my husband who is my rock and is so patient with me when pain makes me crabby. Or traffic. Thankful for our home!! Driving out of the hospital today, you assume you’re driving to the apartment as we aren’t used to our new life yet. When we turned for DG, I felt so grateful. I *love* our home and I LOVE my husband for getting my cable in my room so I can chill in my personal paradise. Little known fact about me: I aspire to be the grandparents in Willy Wonka that live in their bed with visitors and just chat and eat all day in bed. Not creepy, just the utmost comfort & good conversation! 😂.

I also know there were so many of you praying for us today (and everyday) and I know that how we conquered this day so well is a direct reflection of all that support. We are so, so grateful. I anticipate Friday to be the first really tough day so we are riding this high (not literally, I opted for no “happy drugs” today) for as long as we can. Please know how much we appreciate each and every one of you. When my family ran the basketball camp growing up, we used to question how my older brothers teams would always magically wind up stacked with talent come Championship Friday. I wanted those wins! I know through and through though that not even his best team, or the 2005 White Sox (sorry Cubby fans, we swept the World Series so have to go south side on this analogy), or any Hawks team in these dynasty years would come close to lining up vs. what Team Beef has become. I wish there was a way for you to know how much your encouragement & your prayers have given us the strength to face every part of this battle head on. Knowing you have an army behind you sure makes it a bit easier to be brave. Thank you for embracing us! 

And now, to bed! Zzzzz’s, lots of water & so much love,


5 thoughts on “Day One Down!

  1. Dear Bethany and Kevin,
    Wow! Praise God for first chemo/ radiation down.

    I thought of you all throughout the day and prayed many prayers. Ultimately for healing but also for the side effects. I love that Hallie Hope was with you and that’s the best blanket ever. So cozy and those chemoji hats are amazing.

    I thought you would appreciate some freshman humor. Luke is a freshman now and he keeps me on my toes. Well the latest thing is “smoking smarties” .. I was like huh?! You crush the candy smarties and then take the bag and “puff out the smarty smoke like your smoking. Oh Luke…. if we are only smoking smarties, plus one for us right 😝
    Continued prayers for everyone. Xoxo


  2. One day at a time, girl; you’ve got the right mindset. 🙂 I am so glad that you are feeling the prayers of those that are praying for you. They will continue. Xoxo


  3. So happy that day one was filled with such love and support. Your spirit is pretty amazing there too. You’ve got the right outlook to handle this tough stuff. Because it certainly is tough. So, don’t be afraid to give yourself a big pat on the back too 😉 And, glad the chemo day went by quickly for you. All the sweet social media posts made me smile all day long too. You’re getting lots of prayers from Ohio!


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