Can’t Even Make this Up!

I feel like the title of this post is the perfect tag line for my life right now, you truly can’t even make this up! Moe, Sheila & Hadley came by last night and while Hadley was busy entertaining us (she calls Anna ‘Princess,’ so Anna is in love!), there was one point where she started to cry but then it instantaneously turned into laughter. That I think is also the perfect representation of my emotions right now! Kids are the best. 

I’m writing this on Tuesday morning, take two. Bless my sisters heart for dealing with me on take one this morning. I woke up earlier than normal since I had labs before radiation with a very sore finger and right arm from the tentanus shot. I looked in the mirror to see super short hair, a cute cut dont get me wrong, but it’s just a strong reminder of what’s coming. I then walked into my room to find Paisley puking on the white carpet. It was either from the K Cups he destroyed on our new living room rug or the gift for my sister in law he chewed. We went on our way to radiation and as we were driving home I told my sister I needed an attitude adjustment, a crabby morning and a looming week of chemo got the best of me. She’s a great listener and great at helping me process what’s really stressing me out. Oh but it didn’t stop there. We walked into a house with garbage strewn everywhere from Paisley destroying the garbage – and that, that got the best of me. Anna quickly cleaned it all up and sent me to bed. Here I am for take two on the morning, thankful for a sister that takes such good care of me & probably spared the life of Paisley. I don’t think I have the authorization but I’m close to offering him for free to a good home! 

Forget the medical updates for today, lets back up to what you really can’t make up, everything that transpired to those three dang stitches in my middle finger. After radiation & my doctors appointment yesterday, Mrs. King, our great family friend cut my hair. Almost 4 years ago to the date, she was doing my hair for my wedding. This obviously wasn’t as fun, but I so appreciate her & the way she took care of me yesterday. Alex, my sisters best friend & my bonus little sister also came to support the cause! I don’t know how much time I’ll have left with my hair with round two next week. From what I hear, once it really starts, it goes fast. The shorter length will at least make the transition a bit easier. I hate that I’m losing my hair, I didn’t think I’d struggle with it so much. After everything I’ve been through so far it seems so trivial but it just sucks! Cancer sucks. But at least, yet again, my army carries me through a tough part. 

Anna and I had a lovely sister day downtown Downers Grove. The shops are adorable, such good stuff! We got home and started to unpack a few boxes into our new dining room hutch. One box had 8 wine glasses we received for our wedding that we’ve never had the space to use. They are long stemmed & beautiful! I figured Christmas would be the perfect time to use them. Anna started washing them before we put them away and despite her efforts to get me to just go sit down, I became the dish dryer. Well, sister knows best. A few minutes later I managed to break a stem so perfectly that it punctured my left middle finger. It was a bloody mess, quite literally. Historically Anna does not do well with blood so the fact that she championed the situation was big news! We web md’d how to know if stitches are needed – it said to apply firm pressure for 10 minutes and if it’s still bleeding, stitches are likely needed. Well, fast forward an hour and a half when we were at the immediate care and it was stillllll bleeding, so we made the right call in going! They did an X-ray to make sure no glass was in my finger, sewed me up with three stitches, gave me a tetanus shot & prescribed me an antibiotic since my white blood counts are a little low from chemo. This body can’t do infections so better safe than sorry! I’m wracking up quite the battle wounds on this body & I better be Loyola Patient #1 at this point! On a high note, my body fully cooperated this past weekend. Kevin & I had a great date day & night on Saturday, with lunch out, Monoply and Christmas movies. My family had our first annual White Elephant party that was a blast. And yes, my mom did steal from a cancer patient but was awarded $0 on those scratch offs. 😂 Kev & Erica I think won overall. Brian has a talent for balloon animal making and the duck hunter game was a big hit with the boys. My mom bought Kevin the moose cups & moose punch bowl from Christmas Vacation for Christmas, she made homemade egg nog to serve in them! Here are a few pics the day:

I’m in this weird mix of emotions of wanting time to slow down to enjoy the holiday but desperately wanting time to speed up to be done with all this nonsense. Doing my best to live in the moment. Lord knows you can’t look past the moment because you literally don’t know what you’re going to get! In the meantime, bubble wrap it is for me. 

Update: I posted this and walked downstairs to find Paisley *standing* on our brand new ottoman coffee table my parents got us for Christmas. You literally can’t make this stuff up!! 

5 thoughts on “Can’t Even Make this Up!

  1. Hello Beef— great pictures — cute hair cut- Ted’s friend Anne Barber had a great instructional page on magic to do with pretty scarves. You will be beautiful, no ,matter the hairdo. By the way, when Ted was on chemo – they would not let him clip his fingernails or pick his teeth — so; stay away from sharp objects and NO running with scissors.

    Love to you all — the house looks wonderful and festive.
    Blondie and The Pizza Man


  2. Bethany, I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated your blog! I have the same mixed emotions reading them as I’m sure you have writing them but we all want to go through this difficult process with you. I am constantly amazed at your courage, attitude and sense of humor. As an old person who has weathered my share of medical crises with family members, who are all still plugging along, I believe in my heart that we will look back on your blogs as difficult, yet endearing, reminders of what you survived.
    Then there’s the dogs. I definitely sympathize with you on that irritation. We visited Amy and Tony last weekend and came home to find part of Sally’s bed chewed up and barf in the dining room. They never seem to make a mess on the bare floors – always on the carpet! xoxo


  3. Thank goodness for Anna being there!! Sisters are so necessary! And yes bubble wrap. Lots and lots of bubble wrap.

    PS will take Paisley for doggie vacay and beefy’s mental stability… silly little dog.


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