Quick Post – Rally Cry! 

Time to rally the troops and get your rally caps on!  T minus 15 hours until chemo round two, take two. Send every prayer & positive thought you can that my counts have rebounded enough to start round two tomorrow!!

I am admittedly quite antsy. I need a win. A big win would be able to say we are halfway there come Friday. I am praying times a hundred that I’m good to go. I’ve done my part in eating, resting & hydrating, your time to step up white blood count! 

My labs are tomorrow at 7am and if we are good to go, chemo starts at 8. Tomorrow is the long day. Bring. It. On. Thanks in advance for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, we need it!! 


10 thoughts on “Quick Post – Rally Cry! 

  1. I’ve heard champagne, Mac and cheese and Ribs are great for blood counts so it’s a slam dunk! Good luck honey. Prayers always! Love Mom Hart


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