Day 3 Crushed!

From snug in my bed, I’m happy to report day three of round two: ✔️!  For those keeping score, we are halfway there!! My body is exhausted but overall I tolerated the treatments well. I haven’t gotten crabby once yet, so that’s a win vs. round 1 with the steroids! And for my caretakers. 😂 Appetite has been pretty forced until my Mom & Jeff brought me an Augustino’s turkey sub today and I crushed the entire thing pretty much. It’s a good day when you impress Jeff. Augustino’s is my fave! 

I got to have a date morning with my older brother for chemo & radiation today. We both kept saying how special it was to have some quality 1:1 time — we estimated the last time we had legit 1:1 time together was maybe back in high school when Kevin took me to Chilis to talk me into going to U of I over North Park. Husband Kevin is thankful that dinner didn’t change my mind! We were talking about a lot today and one thing I said was a silver lining of all this is the time you do get to spend 1:1 with all your loved ones and friends that you wouldn’t otherwise. Granted, it’s in a hospital but it’s still good for your soul. Kevin said silver lining might be ambitious because cancer sucks, so we decided on “rusty lining” for all the good things moving forward. 🙂 Big bro/ little sis selfie! And bonus points to Kevers for the legit Duncan Keith hat. Forgot to wear my zamboni hat, shooooot! One step closer in this journey. Call me weird, but I love that my body is over run with these  juices right now. Get outta town cancer cells!! I said today that a serious rusty lining of losing my hair is that you know the chemo drugs are doing exactly what they need to be doing. I never believed the hair would happen that fast when they kept saying that but to take a head of hair like mine (aka I looked like Mufasa in the mornings when I got out of bed I had such a mane of hair) down in basically two days after just three weeks, those drugs aren’t messing around! I love to think of them just absolutely destroying any left over or hidden cancer cells. 

Fun fact I learned for all you curious humans out there: did you know that radiation works in your body for up to three months after your treatment? Nice little insurance policy! 

So now we buckle up for the side effects. I’m ready to go with my water & Gatorade. Mentally I’m in a good place since treatments went well. Radiation & fluids tomorrow at 8:15, fluids Saturday at 8:30am. Here’s to no puking and no nausea. Here’s to counts staying in acceptable levels so no passing out. The fatigue can crush me all it wants, I’ve got HGTV and a comfortable bed to get me through that. And here’s to no stitches! 😂 

Thanks for the love guys! 


PS: We had a lot of people reach out for the Team Hart shirts after the campaign was closed. My amazing sister worked with the company to get another campaign started so if you’d like to get in on the fun, click here

An ask though! My sister is compiling all the pictures of our army in their shirts. If you post them on Facebook tag me & Kevin in them or email my sister your picture directly at Thanks guys! The support means everything!! 

7 thoughts on “Day 3 Crushed!

  1. I’m finally reading all of these posts that I missed, and just in awe of you, as usual. I totally know what you mean about the idea of the chemo being in there and just destroying all the bad cells. It’s truly empowering. There’s this incredible burst of strength that is almost all-consuming. It’s so powerful. And, you realize how strong and incredible your body really is when you need it most. I have no doubt though that part of that is your spirit. And, you certainly have a special spirit. Let the power of that strength carry you through Bethany. Hold onto it, and carry it with you forever now. It’s yours and no one can ever take it away.

    And, such a special tribute to your family in the posts above. You are all very blessed to have each other. Them for their support for you and you for your gifts to them. I’m praying for you, and thinking of you.


  2. whenever i check up on your blog I always find myself scrolling back down to this pick of you and brother Kevin! Love seeing everyyyyyy single face around you smiling and helping you knock this thing out! Rounding second base! Bring on that FINAL stretch!


  3. Super cute picture of Kev and Bethany. Two awesome siblings who obviously adore eachother! Such a gift to both of you and all of us to see. Fingers crossed and prayers being said for a great weekend for Bethany!

    We Love You, Bethany!

    Aunt Jeanne and Your Cousins


  4. Ooooooh gurl he took you to Chilis?!?! Lucky you! hahahahaha. But in all seriousness, I’m so glad to hear your spirits are up and you’re feeling good so far. My love for Chilis will never outweigh my love for you! 🙂

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