External Radiation ✔️

Mission: accomplished. 

But. I didn’t ring the bell today, even though they asked. I felt liked it’d be cheating since I still have the 3 internal sessions to go. I prefer my bell ringing to be at the real end!! My radiation techs made sure to make me promise I’d grab them when I do. One week from today! I told them I hoped they didn’t take it personally when I say I’m excited to be done with them! 😂 They are all awesome. I walked out of there feeling very accomplished. 

And then I got home and puked. And then again this afternoon. Quite the celebration, eh?! Thanks body. You sure know how to keep me humble!! I was *so* looking forward to tearing off these three stickers they used to target it each day as they’re a constant reminder of this battle — I did it first thing when I got home only to find the marker x’s are quite stained on my body. Of course they are, it’s been six weeks. Ay yi yi. I will reclaim this body at some point from this stupid crap!! 

Tomorrow is day 1 of my body starting to heal from that adventure and boy am I thankful. 

I had a LOT of people help me out with this radiation regiment and I’d be wrong to not take a minute and say a huge THANKS. For six weeks I was at the hospital every Monday-Friday by 8:15am because of my family & friends. Six weeks! Never once alone. Most sessions were easy, some were not. (I still feel for you Sheila!) That’s incredible and it has made this so much easier on me. I have seen a LOT of people alone for treatments and it breaks my heart. I can’t imagine doing any of this alone. You all have made sure that I haven’t had to do ANY of this alone! I am so aware of the army of support I have and to all of you who took such good care of me in this part of the battle, a thousand thank yous. I also had people who texted me every morning before 8:15am to send their thoughts and prayers — that got me through just as much as the physical help. I don’t think you’ll ever understand how impossible this all is but the help & your care is the only reason I *can* fight this. 

I’m always hesitant to start listing names because it’s impossible to not leave someone out, but I do have to say a special thanks to my Mom & Kevin who bore the brunt of the radiation rides. It’s not lost on me how much it sucks to deal with traffic and hospitals and cold mornings, every morning. And yet there they were, Starbucks in hand, warming up the car for me, making me smoothies, trying to gauge how I was feeling that morning and figuring out how to best help me that day. I’m hardly the rockstar y’all, that is all them. I was laughing with both of them the other night as there’s a non profit that sends care packages for care takers of cancer patients since they are so often the forgotten heroes — I submitted an entry for each of them. Half because they deserve it, half because I want to see who gets picked! 😂😂😂  I promised both I made their stories equally compelling (well, they’ve made it compelling, I just wrote it)!! But in all seriousness, I am so grateful! 

I promise you that when I ring that bell next week it will be with ALL of you in mind. I’m so thankful for you!! And I’m going to ring the crap out of that bell, I promise you that!! 

Oh I did have one awesome celebration today- a thunderstorm! Lightning, thunder, pouring rain, all of it, in January!! It was a sign for me, let me have this one. 😂 



4 thoughts on “External Radiation ✔️

  1. Hey Sweetheart! Congrats on ALL that you are accomplishing! What an inspiraion you are. Battling Breast Cancer as I am just seems no where near comparison and I find courage to continue fighting and keep up with your spirit no and example!

    Please send me a picture of the “baseball/cervical cancer WARRIOR hat” I had made for you.😊 I just felt so strongly that it showed what an amazing young woman you are and what a great husband you have in your corner! Plus the whole Family. Gosh, we love you, Bethany! 💗💙

    Also, sweetheart, I have a “box” of hand made knitted “hats” that friends and cancer survivors knit for me along the way….one in every color and the best things ever to wear at night to bed and stay warm! Dave was planning to get them to you soon. My bare head always froze at night and these helped so much! Plus I had a ton of “hats” to match my PJ’s so stylish I was at night!

    Here’s to the our weekend ahead!

    Aunt Jeanne, K, W, M,B,and Mattie


  2. Hi Bethany!
    yay for external radiation completion!! You are a rockstar! I enjoy reading how your doing and it makes me feel as if I am in the room with you. You have a gift and Kevin too:) I am so thankful for the friends and family support

    I was tucking in Rebecca who is 11 tonight and after she read a devotion, she mentioned wishing she could go into the hospital and read this to people who are sick. I immediately thought of you and wanted to share it with you and Kevin.

    If life sometimes seems to be a battle that causes you to feel upset and fearful, you’ll be glad to know you were not meant to fight the battle alone. The Bible says the battle is God’s. God never loses a battle. And when you work with him according to his plan, you won’t either.

    2 Chronicals 20:15- be not afraid or dismayed. For the battle is not yours but God’s.

    I know at times God seems distant but he is right there holding your hand. Love ya and tons of prayers coming your way!! It was fun to see your mom last week and give her a hug at church. You are all a special family.
    Ps you look beautiful in your hats


  3. You are a radiation warrior! You battled through it and will continue to on to the next hurdle. We are with you in thoughts, prayer and spirit every step of the way and will continue to be here for anything you need. So glad you have the Everyday zapping behind you! We are so proud of your bravery and Kevin’s devotion and the strength and love you have together. #halliestrong let’s beat this thing. Thunderstorm was God’s way of telling you that you are powerful 🌩⚡️⚡️And a lightening bolt. 😂Love Mom and Dad Hart


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