Cue the jams (“All I do is Win”), throw some confetti, pop the champeezy. I rang the bell baby!! 

If I compared the feeling of completeing radiation to that of running a marathon, would you guys give it to me? 28 days, it’s kind of like 26.2 miles right?! It definitely felt like a marathon. Long. Some days were easy. Some days weren’t. It was a mental battle. It wore on my physically. But then you get a medal (or ring a bell) and you forget if even for a moment how hard it was and instead all you feel is pride. I’m very proud today!! 

I have lots of other feels too.

I feel a huge sense of relief. No more daily hospital visits! Radiation oncology is in a basement for obvious reasons, so I’m relieved to be done with that as my start to the day. Relieved that my body can finally start to heal. 

I do feel a bittersweet sentiment in saying good bye to my techs! They were all so incredible and each took such great care of me. Cervical cancer isn’t exactly the easiest thing to treat (cue the many jokes I’ve made over the past 2 months on this topic) and yet I always felt so comfortable with all of them. They become so invested in your battle and I was proud to ring the bell in their company today! 

As I was laying there today, I found myself feeling so much gratitude. I am so thankful I was paired with Dr. Small and his team. He is so invested in sccc and in my battle. He answered every question we had and always made me laugh. He will be the recipient of one huge hug from me when God willing those scans come back cancer free!! I’m so thankful for the nurses – Angela & Barb specifically. It always felt like they were going overboard for me, so assuming that’s how they make every patient feel, it speaks to how incredible Loyola is. 

I feel so supported by all of you, thanks for all the texts today! I feel like this is as big of a win for #teambeef today as it is for my body.  

And ultimately, I was so happy that I got to ring the bell with three of my biggest supporters:I joked with my tech & nurse that I felt like I was back in elementary school — celebrating the day by bringing my parents!! They laughed.  I know my parents could’ve never in a million years imagined a turn like this in their child’s life. I am not sure I’d have the strength to watch my child go through all of this so it’s not lost on me how hard this has been for them. This celebration is a far cry from a basketball banquet but we made the most of it anyways. Hope I made you proud today! And same thing for Kevin. What we celebrate & what we look forward too has sure taken a sharp turn from where we should be today and what we should ultimately be celebrating March 31st but we are learning every day to accept this new life. And to win when we can. And to smile & laugh through it all knowing that the opposite wouldn’t get you very far. 
A huge thanks to Aubrey & Mrs. Douglas for the hat I wore today!! I for whatever reason checked the mailbox this morning as we left for the hospital and how awesome that I did as I saw a package in there – this hat! I got lots of compliments on it and it was a perfect pick me up for the last day. I appreciate you guys thinking of me!! I also got the sweetest card from Grandma Clifford encouraging me, which was another huge pick me up. Thanks Grandma, it’s as if you were with us today!! Good thing I walked to the mailbox, eh?! And a big thanks also to my in laws for the beautiful orange flowers that we came home to. A perfect celebratory bouquet.

So, there we have it. One big ✔️ next to radiation. Cancel the radiation specific alarm for the morning & we are one giant step closer to the finish line! Those both deserve lots of these: ‼️‼️‼️


6 thoughts on “#nomoreradiation

  1. Overjoyed with happiness for you . Bethany ! Kevin, your parents, your siblings, extended family members and cousins and the multitudes of friends and colleagues who so dearly love you! All our Love and here’s to all you and Kevin will accomplish in the days and years ahead! No doubt in my mind that those accomplishments will be tremendous.

    Naperville Conrad-DeBroeck’s 💗 You!


  2. I’ve been following your story on your blog. I used to work with your dad, and attended church with your mom and dad when you and Kevin were little. I am so sorry you have gone through this, but so happy chemo and radiation are done! I remember well the feeling! One thing nobody tells you tho, is when you finish chemo and radiation, and things return to “normal”, (not that they ever do, at least not the same normal) you suddenly can feel like you are no longer actively fighting; that you’re not doing anything any more. That is not true! You are still fighting, don’t ever feel you are not. You are so brave, and so strong, and a great example for other patients. Praying for you!


  3. wooohooooo! PRAISE GOD and WAY TO GO! You and Kevin are amazing, incredible and spectacular all in one BIG ball of awesome! SO very proud of you and that you could RING THAT BELL today! Keep fighting the fight dear Bethany! HUGE hugs and lots of love!


  4. I Have been praying and following your progress. I feel like celebrating too and I don’t think I have ever met you. Hugs from Janet Burt (Amy Harts mom). Such a happy day.


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