Free, kind of! 

I broke free of Loyola this morning thanks to a WBC count read of 3.3! Boom. Separate of the antibiotics, I got one shot each day of n-something (I should know this), whose entire job is to get that bone marrow workin’ to bring up that count & it worked! 0.9 –> 1.0 –> 3.3. #freedom 

I was obviously on the oncology floor again so we got to see all of our favorite nurses who took such incredible care of us after surgery. The only downside of getting released today is we had Rhonda as our nurse today! Alnita was also there and I thought for a second about coming down with something like, “I’m lightheaded,” or stomach pain just to stay because they are worth it, but I resisted the urge. We also saw Julie last night during one of our strolls around the floor, which was awesome. We added a few to our list of love this stay – Kileen & Mary. We just adore our Loyola nurses.  We also found a foosball table on the floor. Beef 2, Mom 0. That’s all you need to know. Yes, we refrained from any loud cheers or competitive shouts given the environment. Sort of. 

But enough about me, as it isn’t about me. We are free “kind of” because it’s all about Paisley as he continues to put on a spectacle of mischief, which constantly reminds us that cancer means nothing to a dog! I’m secure enough to admit how mad he makes me in the moment (yes I did say to Kevin this dog needs to go until I’m cancer free yesterday, and I’m not sure I disagree even with being level headed now 😂), but that dog ain’t changin’ so I guess I need to change my attitude and laugh at how humble he keeps us! 

We walked in from the hospital today and it was clear that in the battle of Paisley vs. Skunk, Paisley lost miserably and thus our house has lost miserably. Our beautiful brand new house, skunked. While we are in the hospital. You truly can’t make this up!! It’s funny writing this in all honesty (the people I’m about to list aren’t laughing though!!!) They say it takes a village – here’s how our village is spending this day: my Dad & Kevin had bowls of vinegar in all our rooms at the house & my Dad is finding an open dry cleaner for our bedding, my Mom is soaking our clothes in vinegar and washing it all, my brother Dave walked the dog during bath time for the other, carpet cleaner comes tomorrow & Moe and Sheila, very bravely, took Paisley & Toews for a little vacation at Hotel Jay. I’ve always said I wanted to write a book and my goodness if life keeps going on this track, I will have a best seller in no time. I appreciate so much our family and friends stepping in so quickly to help us out. They have 100% drawn the short stick, skunk smell is no joke but they have lifted this burden from us and we are two very lucky humans. 

Thanks to my parents we are shacked up in a hotel and thanks to our village, we are already in bed and Kevin is already asleep. I’m not far behind him as my body is exhausted. Rest is our best friend today as sleep is quite elusive in a hospital. 

Rhonda wheeled us out today and she was giving me great perspective about neutropenia and why I shouldn’t take it as a setback. She also said the fact that my counts rebounded as fast as they did is incredible. I’ve learned so much about the body and it’s quite fascinating how complex & hard working they are. For as much trouble as mine has given me the past 3 months, I’m proud that it has fought so hard to this point and how it will continue to fight. I’m also thankful for all of your prayers, I know this is not just my body rebounding on its own! It’s the power of your prayer very much so thank you!! 

The doctor on call (who is so amazing too, btw) said with where my counts are, she’d do chemo this week but ultimately it’s up to my Doctor. Kevin and I were just talking about it – we are praying like crazy that chemo will be a go this week but we are going to go into it expecting a delay for rest so that we aren’t let down. After all, it’s a week and my body has been to hell and back lately so we will trust the call that’s made. I’ve asked a lot of Team Beef this weekend but if you can sneak in a few extra thoughts & prayers for chemo to be a go, I’d love it. And if not, pray my attitude is as good Tuesday as it is while I type this. #accountability 

Not sure we will make it through football so to Hilary, please make sure your Falcons beat da Packers. And to Kaela, always love seeing #12 get a W. Go Pats! 

One more huge thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. At least y’all get free entertainment mixed in with our battle!! We are forever thankful for you Team Beef! 

Beef & Kevin 

2 thoughts on “Free, kind of! 

  1. So glad to see you guys are outta here!! Good seeing you though, you look great Bethany!! Keep up the positivity 💪🏼💪🏼


  2. You seriously can’t make this stuff up. If you ever write it, I’d definitely read the book 😉 Glad your out of the hospital and in a spot where you can actually rest. I’m sending up prayers and will continue to every day.


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