Round 3 is Underway

I’ve got some magic cells y’all. Dr. Potkul said at my appointment this morning he thought for sure he’d be seeing me in the hospital yesterday. Nope. Not this girl. Instead I’m in da chemo chair for round 3. 

How magic are my cells you ask? My count was over 5 today. 5! Give me a challenge cancer! Nevermind, I take that back, got a little too cocky. You’ve challenged me enough.

I am getting pretty nervous over here though. On Friday when I was being admitted, they asked if I had an advanced directive to which I replied, “it’s only a fever!” (I’m told it’s a standard question.) Anyways, the chemo machine is plugged in so when I have to go to the bathroom, I have to be unplugged. It is quite concerning how quick my Mom jumps up to pull the plug & how big the smile is on her face while doing it. I won’t be writing her into the paperwork! Kevin meanwhile is sitting in the corner, not sure if he’s ok with this kind of joking πŸ˜‚.  

I’ve got the dream team of chemo nurses today. All my faves – Carmen, Dawn & Justine. That’s more good luck. Here’s to third time being a charm in terms of no complications. I will be getting a shot 24 hours after my last day this week to help with my counts, so fingers crossed I won’t have to battle neutropenia anymore.

I did learn today that I’m slated for 5 rounds, not 4. Shoooot. So we are downhill after this week. Mid March, we’ve got our eyes on you.

We are also slated to head home finally today. Kevin worked his butt off yesterday, as did the carpet & furniture cleaners. Paisley got groomed again. Moe & Sheila have been so awesome for keeping the dogs for us. We got a video of Hadley saying she would keep Toews, I always knew she was a smart kid!! 

Can’t. Wait. For. Our. Bed!! Here’s to a smooth week. A smooth couple of weeks really. 


9 thoughts on “Round 3 is Underway

  1. This may be my favorite post yet! I can sense such a big genuine mood shift and absolutely love that!! Kev takes MVP of skunkgate with honorable mention going to Sheila and Moe for safeguarding Paisley πŸ™ˆ

    you’re turning the corner and March is in view!!! Just think how much better those coronas are gonna taste on the beach after chilling extra for the final round! *insert deep breathe of relaxation and closed eyes* key west I can feel ya coming!!

    Keep slaying the beast!!


  2. Praying for your round 5 and mid March goal to be here in a flash with dancing and no skunks!! Thankful for your humor and the love and support you are surrounded with! Praying for all those incredible nurses and all they carry inside their hearts! Praying for Kevin and your support family and friends and for the prayers of many to miraculously get you past all of this with positive stories and new appreciations to talk about! Praying for your wonderful attitude and humor to sustain you and those you love so dearly!


  3. Hooray! So glad your wishes and prayers came true. It’s funny how you can suddenly be so happy about getting to do chemo…huh? Glad you have your dream team and family there. Praying this round is better to you. Keep all those germs away and get the rest you need. Thinking of you!


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