Thank You!! 

In all the chaos of the past week, I never got a chance to say a huge thank you to so many special people that were part of an incredibly thoughtful gift to take me through the last half of treatment. 

Check out this blanket where each square is filled with encouraging messages from so many important people in my life: 

And those colors! I imagine if someday we are blessed with a child, those will totally be our nursery colors. The perfect combo! 

I received this gift in a hilariously decorated box from none other than Hilary. Of course she organized something as thoughtful as this. She sent squares across the country on account of bringing me incredible encouragement. Hilary, you are the best of the best. There aren’t enough words to express what you’ve done for my heart through all of this! 

For all of you who wrote messages, THANK YOU! I spread the blanket out on the coffee table and read every square. Many made me laugh. Some brought a tear to my eye. Only a blanket for me would include Coack K & Nick Saban quotes, Elf quotes, Irish blessings, verses & more. It is all perfectly me! You guys are all so thoughtful. 

It’s humbling to have such an incredible backing of support. It’s not lost on me and I’m thankful for it every minute of the day. You guys are making this that much easier for me. I love you all!! 


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