Round 3 Update

Quick check in, I’m hanging in there. This has been the roughest go round to date though. 

I’ve had a lot of nausea this week which has been rough. It’s been a lot of food roulette – will it make me sick or will it make me feel better? Ya never know. I have found weird success with sausage mcmuffins right after chemo though this week. You roll with whatever gets you through. 

The exhaustion has been a lot worse this round. I’m sure it has something to do with being in the hospital last weekend where you get no sleep. Good news is I’m done with the steroid for the week, so into hibernation I go. The more I can sleep through this misery the better. 

I also got the nuelasta (I may have spelled that entirely wrong) shot today in my stomach. That shots entire purpose is to raise my white counts. Bummer is the side effect makes your bones hurt. It’s rough. Oddly Claritin can help with it so I just took that. And liquids, liquids, liquids. It’s getting pretty hard to drink water straight up!! I have one more round of fluids scheduled for tomorrow morning which helps the cause.

So, not quite the upbeat update as usual but that’s chemo weeks for you. Good news is I am in bed and all tucked in. Here’s to these next few days passing quickly. Cancer sucks! 

3 thoughts on “Round 3 Update

  1. Dear Brittany,
    I just heard. My prayers are with you and Kevin. I am not sure what to say that you haven’t heard already a million times.
    You are in my thoughts.
    Hug somebody you love.


  2. Feel better Beef! James had that shot (or something similar) and also said how it made his bones hurt. I hope you get a ton of R&R this weekend!


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