Round 3: 15 Thoughts 

15 thoughts, you ask?! Updating after chemo is always a weird post – I find myself sparing you the details as it’s just a crappy week, plain & simple. But then it turns into the same ole’ boring update so instead…we are going to have some fun! 

This is going to be Lightning Round style, the first 15 things on my mind, right now. No editing, #nofilter, true life.  Ready?! Go!

1. Homeland is an incredible show. I’m on Season 3. Claire Danes is such a great actress. Is this really the life of a CIA Agent? If so, God bless them. And thank God I have the job I have. I would tell so many secrets! 

2. I had my first two real “cancery” side effects this round – crazy nausea and a terrible taste in my mouth. The taste one was pretty defeating for me. 

3. Grape jolly ranchers for the win. I believe this bag came from the Winters. Thanks for saving me! 

4. My dog ate all my Werthers last week. Yes I’m 80 years old and love Werthers. Paisley strikes again. It’s as if he knew and struck me at my core #foreverscheming 

5. King size beds are a must in life. Best thing we ever bought. Caveat being you need a down comforter!

6. I cannot wait for spring. I’m ready to throw out all the winter candles and bring in the spring candles. And also clean anything cancer related out of my house. 42 days. #cancerbonfire

7. I don’t really remember Friday or Saturday. I remember feeling crappy but I was out cold both days, didn’t move from bed except for fluids. It’s weird how your body helps you to cope. 

8. That shot is a b*tch. Sorry Mom. Bring it on if it keeps me out of the hospital & on schedule but imagine all your bones hurting on top of chemo. Those are the dark moments of cancer I hope you never have to feel or witness! 

9. I wonder what my white count will be come labs this week. Starting at a 5 and then getting that shot, they have to be legit! Keep beating your score Beef, that’s a game we all win at. 

10. What show will I watch next? I hate coming to the end of a binge show. Don’t leave me Carrie! 

11. This week marks the FIRST week since December 5th that I have *nothing* planned medically (except for labs). Nothing. No where to be. No one to see. Nothing, y’all! *knocks on wood given my track record 😂

12. Kevin has spent most of this chemo weekend pinteresting, I mean man-tresting, projects that are going to make our backyard and thus our summer amazing. His plans fire me up so much! We’ve had some genuine laughs the past couple of days. I’ll spare you over what (cancer brings you together in ways NOTHING else can 😂) but I’m grateful & I am still chuckling as I write this. 

13. “Normal” is a word that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I find myself craving “normalcy.” But then I get really angry when I think of normal. Social media has been very hard lately. Why couldn’t we have been “normal?” Why couldn’t my pregnancy have been “normal?” How in the heck are we going to make it through March? How do you survive March 31st? Ugh. Cancer sucks!!! #halliestrong is really, really hard sometimes. 

14. Ok maybe I should’ve done top 10 things. 🙂 That took a dark turn. I promised I wouldn’t edit. There’s a reason I don’t get left alone a lot these days! 

15. Toews is snoring quite loudly and is totally hogging the bed. Paisley is sprawled on the floor at the foot of the bed. They never leave my side during chemo weeks, they say dogs just know. For as much as these clowns drive me insane, I appreciate their protective nature. But a little less snoring & destruction is always welcome puppies! 

And there you have it. 15 random thoughts. Fun place in that ole head of mine, isn’t it?! Thank you for your continued prayers. We appreciate them & we don’t take all the support lightly. It helps us to survive, truly! 

Love y’all.


5 thoughts on “Round 3: 15 Thoughts 

  1. You are legit as a muda trucka! Keep the faith you are absolutely crushing this!!!

    Shows to bingewatch (because I’ve gotten pretty good in this gypsy life)
    Blacklist (A MUST)

    Love you Beefy. Lucky to call your friendship my “normal”


  2. I’ll gladly help you with that cancer-free Spring cleaning, maybe throw in a few bottles of Rose and Pizza Hut stuffed crust delivery? Also for a show to watch… it’s time to bring on the zombies. Kev, back me up!

    We love you Beef, keep fighting!


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