Cycle for Survival

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through this nightmare is thanks to all of you- the power of action on behalf of someone going through a life shattering event. I have felt over and over the profound impact of your actions and I have learned how much a simple act can help a hurting heart (a hurting Hart?). It has immediate impact in this current battle with treatment. It pushes me on in the moment. It helps me to fight even when I’m exhausted, because so many people care & so many people are praying. It gives me perspective that this isn’t just my battle, this is a community battle which makes the load seem a little easier to bear. Bigger than that it has changed the way I process things & the way I think about things. I have received support from far and wide, people have come out of the woodwork for me. If I saw a high school friend on Facebook going through something like this and I hadn’t talked to them since high school, would Old Beef have gone through the trouble of tracking down their address, making a blanket and sending it off to let them know they aren’t alone? No chance. Will new Beef? Absolutely. (PS: that’s a real life story. Thank you Ellen!!) There is so much power in simply “doing.” You have the ability to change someone’s life & that’s a special opportunity in times of crisis.

Why do I write about this today, you ask?

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and I noticed one of our AMs at Yelp posted a link about a cycle challenge they were doing in my honor to raise money for rare cancer research. They didn’t even tell me, they just did it. My heart melted all over again. Turns out there is a whole “Team Beef” riding, comprised of managers & AMs from my department riding on my behalf. They have already raised over 2k for rare cancer!! How impressive is that? They have since increased their goal to 3k (typical Yelp fashion, crush a goal & go for more!). I wrote the other day how hard social media is for me these days – but for the past week I usually see at least one post a day from these guys in their efforts to keep raising money for Team Beef and it’s like a little recharge of my batteries each time to keep fighting – to make them proud!  

Here’s the link if you’re curious to learn more about the ride. And I believe it’s no coincidence that the events color is orange!! 

To my Yelpers – you all amaze me! Thank you for doing such an incredible thing on my behalf. You have no idea how much this meant to me, how much it encourages me and how much I’ll be cheering you all on February 10th. And what do you say, how about we do next years ride together?! 

And to all of you, thank you for teaching us this powerful lesson through your actions. Trust me when I say how much we look forward to finding ways to spread the love when we close this chapter of our lives. We will do it in a big, big way! 

3 thoughts on “Cycle for Survival

    1. Thanks Professor Dluger! So great hearing from you. I loved hearing “hug somebody you love,” takes me right back to class! Hope you are doing well, would love to connect sometime!


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