Round 4 Spoiling

Well, we conquered the treatments of round 4. I got totally spoiled today. So much so that I almost forgot that today should’ve been my last day. Almost. But, get over it Beef. 

First, I got to spend time with my brother Dave. His time today completed 4/4 of my brothers coming to chemo with me. How lucky am I? I’ll love forever how protective they are of me. Daveo has the most generous heart. He even brought me a pineapple before treatment this morning. Fruit is my jam during chemo weeks. Paisley & Toews also won today with a nice long walk after thanks to Uncle Daveo.And then my Dad surprised me with a Toews signed Hawks jersey! Oh Captain, my Captain!And THEN! 

I get home to find the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on my front porch from my amazing  husband. He knew I had a rough morning getting out of bed, I love how thoughtful he is. I’m a pretty lucky girl, aren’t I? My goodness. 

My body is exhausted. I’m dreading “the shot” tomorrow. I’m a bit better prepared this time around with some tricks to handle it better, hopefully it works. 

Keep us in your thoughts & prayers over the next few days. Hoping for a quick rebound. And then. We are only ONE round away. 


7 thoughts on “Round 4 Spoiling

  1. You are an amazing person with an amazing support group! Hang in there – still sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!


  2. Aww Bethany, how loved you are! Just warms my heart. You are so, so right. Your, brother, Dave, is one of the kindest, most caring, and thoughtful people I know. And, your Dad with a signed TOEWS jersey……how cool is that! Your amazing husband, Kevin, just keeps getting more amazing each day in your journey. Your mom……well, there is no one quite like her! Here’s to you and Kevin having an awesome weekend with no chemo related events. And, then, LAST ROUND! PS……I know i am prejudiced because I am your aunt, but seriously, you are the most photogenic people ever. Yelp needs a “Cover Girl.” And you should be THAT girl. Love you!

    Aunt Jeanne


  3. Awww love seeing how everyone shared the love today! So glad you’re getting so close to the end. Continuing to pray and send positive thoughts your way every day.


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