Last Week before THE Last Week

I can’t believe next week is really my last week. Who wants time to speed up for chemo? This girl. Is that twisted? Nah! Why is it that patience is hardest when the finish line is so close? It doesn’t seem right!

Good news is I have a pretty busy week between work & doctors appointments. Keep the mind & time occupied. I’m going out of my way to do just that these days.

My appointment Friday morning is my last-pre-chemo-check-up with Dr. Potkul. I’m doing my best to get lots of rest in anticipation of next week. Labs are tomorrow. Keep those numbers high, we don’t need any delays with treatment! Body has been feeling as well as it can. Exhaustion continues to be an issue and I’m starting to have some ringing in my ears that comes and go. I’ve heard that’s common with the drugs I’m getting. Pretty lame. I’ve had more of an appetite this go around which has been good! Food has actually been appealing. I love food, so that’s a huge win.

One of my biggest points of stress since December 5th when I started treatment is keeping myself healthy. Do you know how hard that is during winter?! I mean, we’ve gotten so lucky with the weather this time around but my goodness, when you have to be aware of germs, you realize how disgusting the world is. I’ve never been a germaphobe. In fact, I’m a ’60 second rule (notice not 5 second), rub some dirt on it’ kind of girl so this whole hand-sanitizer-constantly thing is exhausting and beyond old.

So is missing out on public life. We venture out for meals here and there but I want to go to the most germ-filled-place when this is all done, because I can. Like the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese, is that still a thing? Germs galore there! While I’m not serious about that, you get the picture. I’m ready to be out of the house. And just in time for spring. There’s never a good time to fight cancer but I will say my timing has worked out well.

By the way Kevin was talking about what he’s giving up for lent last night. I told him I’m giving up cancer. He laughed pretty hard. I’m serious! And I’d be ok with it never coming back.

As for how I’m doing? I’m hanging in there. There are some hours that are completely empty & I have a hard time prying myself out of bed. Then there are hours I feel completely motivated to crush this last leg. Sometimes there’s rhyme or reason to why the hours become hard and sometimes there’s no warning at all. Although chemo weeks are really rough on me physically, I have a lot to look forward to next week with some of my biggest cheerleaders coming into town for the last leg. I know how much that’s going to carry me through, along with everyone else there in spirit with me. Just get me to Tuesday & get those juices flowing. The sooner we start, the sooner we’re done. FOREVER.

And to cap it off tonight – a challenge. I need a good sign for some good pictures on the last day of chemo. Something clever, something that is cooler than, “My last day of chemo!” – which is all I can come up with. Creativity is not my thing. Whatcha got for me!?






4 thoughts on “Last Week before THE Last Week

  1. Something about Spring Training using baseball metaphors and then maybe mess them up ala Yogi Berra… Spring into the rest of your life… or around March madness…

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  2. Cancer messed with the wrong girl! Your courage and strength and humor through this all have been amazing. So glad the end is near! Cheers to getting your life back. It will be a different life than we ever imagined but you will build a new life around all the love and support you have received and with our angel watching over you. We will be celebrating that day!!


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