The thought on my mind as I woke up this morning? Next week at the time, it’ll be my last day! That makes it a little easier to get out of bed this morning.

Official countdown is such: 

  • 5 days til Round 5 
  • 7 days til chemo is OVER 
  • 9 days til my last fluids EVER 
  • 11 days til I’m usually out of the woods from the round and feeling well enough to like life again

That is doable. It’s a mountain to climb, but our last chemo mountain! 

My labs look good this week for chemo. My counts dropped a ton from last week so despite the painful days from the shot, it’s very much worth it. Remind me that next Friday when I’m being a baby again. 

I am on home stretch of keeping myself healthy. I should’ve bought stock in EmergenC before this started. I am also doing my best to get as much rest as possible this week. For those that are #onechicago fans, last night I stayed up a little too late watching the crossover event! 

If you find a few extra minutes in your day, I would appreciate prayers for two specific things leading up to Tuesday: 

  1. Continued health, especially with all these weather changes!
  2. Counts stay high enough so there are no delays with the final round.

I’ve had nothing but adrenaline running through me since round 4, knowing this is my last round but now the normal ugh-don’t-make-me-do-it feeling is starting to creep up for next week. I think I wrote at one point last round that you’d have to take me kicking & screaming. While I’ll do my best to tone down those dramatics, pray also that I can find some energy soon. It is March after all, the month we’ve been dreading since 10/20 and my mind is just in a million places. 

It has been a really long road since surgery on 11/4 & treatment starting 12/5 but we’re so close to that last step for treatment. Cancer, you suck but we are about to BEAT you. That is my tunnel-vision-focus right now.

Thanks for praying! 


11 thoughts on “Countdowns 

  1. Lots an so lots of prayers girl. You got this!

    ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!” Phillipians 4:13.



  2. Praying for perseverance, faith, trust and fight in your spirit, strength and determination to stay strong, rest and physical health to be able to plow through without delay. Humor, love and support to carry you when you feel alone or discouraged and in your heart for you to feel the Holy Spirit giving you every single thing you need to get through each of these days ahead during your final schedule of treatment. Bless you Bethany.


  3. Dearest Bethany, you are being laid before our almighty God for strength, for comfort and for what you need in each moment to continue this hard, hard journey. The end of this treatment is coming, you are almost there, you are brave even when crumpled in bed feeling you can’t do it, you are strong no matter the pain and discomfort, you are running towards the finish line with a cheering section JUST FOR YOU. You are not forgotten or alone, you are loved and cherished. Go Go Go Go Bethany! #cancersucks


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