Final Week!!!!

What a weekend! Bethany succeeded again in throwing me an awesome birthday celebration, full of surprises. She had been planning and scheming for weeks, all the while apologizing over and over that she was too tired for a big birthday this year. I should’ve known.

She started the morning off by creating the distraction to have me disappear with Moe and Sean to get my new tattoo, Hallie’s footprints. She even somehow made me think it was my idea. Really, she was getting me out of the house to stage a surprise party for me. We came back to a home full of people, including our best friends from NPU. Pretty awesome. It was a huge surprise, I had no idea at all. 

As I opened my gifts, she then surprised me with a trip to one of my best friends bachelor parties this weekend. I had told her about it a long time ago but I obviously wasn’t entertaining the thought of going since it’s a chemo week. She knew if she asked me about it I wouldn’t let her book it, so she quietly worked with the guys and booked it. Quite the amazing, selfless gift. 

To top it off, there was a knock at the front door and there was our best friend Hilary, aka Dupree (think You, Me, and Dupree), who is going to be here through next weekend so that I can go on the trip. They are both the best. What an awesome birthday, thanks to my amazing wife!

Now here we are, the final week. The final round. Seems like October was forever ago when our lives changed because of the two worst phrases you could ever possibly hear, “You have cancer,” and, “You are going to lose your baby.” Easily the worst days of my life, our life. It has been a tough, long run since but we are here and the end is in sight. I can’t tell everyone enough how proud I am of Bethany. She has taken on this insane challenge and has done it in a way that only she could do – staying positive and keeping her sense of humor. Sometimes I think the doctors and nurses don’t know if she’s being serious when she jokes with them at her appointments. I doubt they get a lot of patients joking but it always lightens the mood and makes both of us laugh, at the very least. She has been an inspiration to so many, myself included. She is the bravest, most compassionate person I know and I am so proud to call her my wife.

This week is obviously really tough for Bethany. We were talking the other day and as I was encouraging her, I put it that it has been a marathon but she has 3 miles to go. They are arguably all uphill but 3 to go, nonetheless. Mile one is almost done – just getting to the last chemo week. Mile 2 is the last 3 chemo sessions themselves. Mile 3, the last mile and the hardest one, recovering from another round of chemo. But then it’s done! We are almost there. Three miles. It’s officially time to start lining the streets to cheer her on down home stretch & across the finish line!! 

We can’t tell everyone enough how amazing your support has been. It really means so much to the both of us and has helped us so much throughout this entire process. We talk about your incredible acts of kindness all the time. We love our army of support! We are looking forward to celebrating with as many of you as possible when all of this is over. But until then, we need to rally the troops for this final week. Time to #BEATSCCC!!!! We all knew this stupid cancer didn’t stand a chance against Bethany.

Thank you all for putting up with my post as I know I don’t have Bethany’s writing ability but I had to Kick Off the final week right (punter joke).

#BeatSCCC #halliestrong #beefstong #cancersucks




6 thoughts on “Final Week!!!!

  1. I heard tonight that the last week has been a tough one for you. I certainly hope it ends quickly and easily. Or at least more comfortably. You two have sure given it a great fight! My last radiation treatment is tomorrow and I just have one more surgery scheduled in April so I am hoping to see you both soon—- maybe at Ted’s party in July?


  2. You are both such inspirations to all of the rest of us! I will miss reading all of your posts, but so happy for you that the end is near!! And you are CHAMPIONS!!!! I hope you have felt, feel now, and will continue to feel all the love coming your way πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    P.S. I want to see pics of the tat πŸ€—


  3. Keep up the fantastic job these last 3 miles. You have got it licked. Go Bethany, prayers and hugsπŸ™πŸ»πŸ€—


  4. What an incredibly Birthday celebration! So special. Good luck with these last 3 miles. Sending prayers and thoughts your way.


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