Guest Blogger Week!

Anna here, kicking off a week of guest blogger appearances as we will Bethany through her final week of treatment.

I want to preface this post by saying that I do not write with the same eloquence that my sister and mother both do. For that reason I have been nervous to take the reigns of the blog but what I wanted to write is worth being said.

Tomorrow my sister starts her last round of chemo. A sentence that still to this day does not seem normal. Life has become an adjustment to what is considered “normal.” Although it’s been a difficult and heart wrenching adjustment, I am very thankful that Bethany is one step closer to being healed physically.

As a little sister, you grow up in awe of your big sister. You watch carefully as she creates the inspiration behind everything you will do. It is a very special relationship that I am beyond fortunate to have. I always had someone in my corner to fight for me, comfort me, inspire me, love me and so much more. She leaves the best kind of imprint on everyone she encounters. As Bethany’s little sister I can only dream of one day being just like her.

Today is no exception. Bethany surpasses anyone’s definition of what true strength means. She continues to amaze as she finds her way through this unfair normal. I know the emotional hurt will never quite make sense but what I do know is that Bethany is so much stronger than cancer will ever be. 

As we navigate life without our sweet Hallie Hope, we stay focused on making her proud (although that is an easy task for Bethany because she makes us all proud each and every day). I know Hallie is watching over her parents, beaming with pride. I was so ready to spoil you with lots of pink frilly dresses that I know your mother would never buy. As much as I wish we could have just one day with you, I know that you are in our corner ready to fight for us, comfort us, inspire us and love us. 

During times like these you depend on the love of others to hold you up. For that, I thank EVERYONE who has contributed in one way or another. Your support means everything to us. From buying shirts, positing photos, sending supportive messages, going to treatment, making dinner, attending fundraisers…the list goes on and on. My heart is very happy when I think of the amazing team that has fought beside Bethany, Kevin and Hallie.

Pray today for Bethany’s counts and that all will be good to go tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers as Bethany finishes this final stretch! 

With much love,


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Week!

  1. Love this!!! And love seeing all the smiles you have helped put on Bethany and Kevin’s faces throughout this, Anna. The Team Hart army looks fierce in our shirts!

    Bdawg, Kev and Team Hart – let’s finish this for Hallie!!!


  2. What a beautiful post, Anna! Such a special dedication to your big sister. Sisters are such a wonderful gift. We are praying for all of you through this and thinking of Bethany as she goes into her final round. Prayers for great counts and lots of strength!


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