Warning: A Guest Blog Tearjerker! 

Hi Everyone! Guest blogger Sheila here. When B asked me if I wanted to be a guest blogger I of course said yes but instantly had stage fright! No ones writing can compare to B’s but especially not mine! Go easy on me!

For those of you who don’t know Bethany and I met in college about 10 years ago! My husband Moe and Kevin played on the same college football team! We met at ‘The Digs’ where Moe lived and ultimately hosted every great party in college. We quickly bonded over our love for basketball, beer pong, NOT dressing up and these two guys who played football together. After a few months of friendship B and I created maybe the best night of college football season “Tradition Friday.” At our “Tradition Friday” parties we would make a new shirt every week to wear to the boys football games while enjoying some adult beverages and much needed girl time. The next morning we would wake up and road trip to the boys football games wearing our matching shirts. I still haven’t gotten up enough courage to ask Moe and Kevin how embarrassed of us they actually were at these games but we had no shame!Since those days the four of us have become the best of friends. Even when Bethany and Kevin moved to Arizona we still talked every single day. We all stood up in each other’s weddings and have been there for each other during the best and worst moments of our lives. We have the ability to spend a whole night laughing uncontrollably, have an equal love for country music and hole in the wall bars and all agree that Chicago sports teams are the greatest in the world! Moe and I are truly lucky to have such amazing friends.Bethany and I dreamed of the day when they would move back to Chicago, we would become neighbors and get pregnant together. All of this came true but ultimately did not end the way we planned. They moved home, bought a house about 10 minutes away from us and we both became pregnant with due dates only 10 days apart! We couldn’t wait for our babies to grow up together and tackle this whole motherhood thing together. We were truly living the dream. Unfortunately, the ending did not turn out the way we planned. The day Bethany called me and told me about her cancer diagnosis may have been the hardest day of my life. Not my friend. This could not be happening to her. I could never find the words to make this better. Life was so unfair! All I could do was be there for her to listen and help her in anyway I could.

I always knew the kind of person Bethany was but during this diagnosis more then ever, I feel humbled to be her friend. She is the strongest, most selfless person I have ever met and I admire her every single day. She has every right to be angry and shut the world out. Instead, there has not been a day that has gone by where she hasn’t asked me how I am. She asks me how I’m feeling, and sends me things when she senses I’m having a bad week. The last thing she should be thinking about is me, yet, she continues to be the most amazing friend throughout this process. Instead of making me feel guilty or awkward that my baby will get to live life on Earth when sweet baby Hallie will not, she shows me love and hope everyday. My son will grow up knowing that his sweet friend Hallie did more in her short life before Earth then most do in a lifetime. She saved her mothers life. Hallie is the luckiest little girl in the world because she has Kevin and Bethany as parents.

Seeing Bethany and Kevin with my two year old daughter Hadley shows me physical proof of what amazing parents they are and what amazing parents they will become. Hadley adores both of them and they are so fun and loving towards her! I was adopted by my parents 29 years ago. Adoption is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. It gave me a chance at life and the greatest family I could have ever asked for. It lead me to meeting B and hopefully helping her in her journey towards adoption. There are a few kids out there who will become the luckiest kids in the world when they get to call Kevin and Bethany their parents. Just as Hallie saved their lives, Kevin and Bethany will save these kids lives. God has an amazing plan and I can’t wait to stand by their side and watch it unravel.

Today marks the start of Bethany’s final round of chemo before the finish line. Everyone has been counting down the days for this horrible battle to be over with. I hope Bethany and Kevin know how many people they have inspired along the way. They truly are an amazing couple that so many people look up to. Marriage is hard. Throw cancer and losing a baby in the mix and it would be easy to take anger out on the one person they love most. Kevin and Bethany have come together and supported each other undoubtedly. I am so proud to call both of them my friends.

Please pray for their strength in working together to regain a normal life after the impossible last few months. I love you both so much. Thank you for reminding me every day to live a life full of courage and laughter. Cannot wait to celebrate the end of this battle, Vegas style!


5 thoughts on “Warning: A Guest Blog Tearjerker! 

  1. All the feels for this post!! So insanely sweet! What a special friend y’all have found in each other!


  2. Such a beautiful tribute. It is so very clear what a special purpose everyone has in this journey. I’m praying for Bethany as she enters this final round, and thinking of all of you!


  3. Beautifully said, Sheila! You definitely have s writing chops! What a blessing you and Moe are to B & K! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Such a sweet friendship and visual reminder of how God puts special people in our lives to show us a bit of heaven on earth!


  4. Super fun to read Sheila! I have heard of “Moe, Hadley and your name” as well and it was really neat to hear your story and how you two have been best buds and your lives interconnected. Friendships are so important and what a blessing you are!!

    Continuing to pray for Ned (no evidence of disease) and this final round of chemo!!! Yay! Stay strong
    Bethany and keep remembering God is on your side. He’s right here beside you holding your right hand. Xo

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