Guest Blogger Week: My Seester, the GOAT 💜

Guest blogger Brianna, coming at you live!

For those of you who do not know me, I am the baby of the Hart family, and debatably the second funniest of the combined Conrad/Hart clan. This is also my first time blogging, so as the other guest bloggers have asked – please take it easy on me!

Once upon a time I was eight years old, oh-so-happily being forced to spend all of my Saturdays driving to good ole North Park University to watch the school’s famous football team play (and usually, lose 😉, but hey, at least that meant the punter got in a lot!) All joking aside, throughout those four years of countless hours sitting in the stands together, Beef and I were able to get to know one another pretty well, and I loved her from the start. Look how cute we are! Even then, Bethany felt like another older seester to me and little did I know that she would later really become one (thanks, Kevin 😀).Fast forward eleven years and I am now nineteen years old, in my first year of college, and Beef continues to be one of the most admirable and influential women in my life, as I know she is for many of you. I don’t want her getting a big head (maybe skip this part, Beef?😉), but how could you not admire her? She has always been hilarious, incredibly athletic, caring and determined, but as she fights this crazy battle, her strength, beauty, and hopefulness are more obvious than ever.Still, my favorite thing about Beef is that she and I are always able to find things to joke about, even in the most troubling of times. At Christmas, we had a competition that would award the funniest Hart of the weekend with the only other “Beef Strong” hat. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I was the winner. Favorites may or may not have played a role, but hey I’ll take it! It has been so incredible to watch Beef maintain her sense of humor throughout this whole process. Her lightheartedness during the entire situation sometimes leaves the rest of us unsure how to act. I remember a few instances when I would be reading her blog and she spoke with so much positivity that it made me sad. I know, it doesn’t make any sense! I just couldn’t comprehend the fact that she was fighting this horrendous battle, yet she still remained so optimistic. This girl, I’m telling ya…she’s something else. She has the strength of body and spirit to endure and overcome this insane tribulation.

When she first asked me to guest blog, of course I was honored, but I was also scared. It is so challenging to think of the words that will accurately convey my feelings, and fully express everything that Bethany deserves. Because she deserves it all: the normalcy, the Christmases, orange everything; she deserves a happy life. And, when this is all over, that’s what she’ll get. I cannot wait to see her up in the stands at my games, so that she can see everything I have been working at is for her, for Kevin, for Hallie.

So, here we are: 28 days of radiation, surgery, and five rounds of chemo all coming to an end. It’s time to cue the, “All I Do is Win” song once again folks because Beef is beating f-ing cancer! BEEF IS THE GOAT!!


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