Chemo is DONE

A double post day coming at ya hot, but being able to say out loud that chemo is DONE puts all social media rules to bed. That said, my return to the blog does come sheepishly after all the way my guest bloggers wrote this week. I’m starting to think my calling in life is not just to write a book alone but with my fellow guest bloggers – all for the book tour alone! 

But back to the headlining news…

Chemo is done!

There were days I never thought I’d get here.

So I say it again, chemo is done, y’all! Never again, God willing.

Today was actually incredibly hard. I thought I would be so pumped when I woke up, and I am don’t get me wrong but I found myself struggling with two things specifically, among others. First and most obviously, the coming days that actually make chemo weeks so hard, including the awful shot tomorrow. Yes I’m done with chemo sessions, but those are the easy part! Reclining for an hour? No prob! So while yes, today is worth a celebration, I’m just trying to get myself to the other side of the weekend as painlessly as possible. Secondly, and less obviously, finishing treatment on your path to beating cancer sure loses a lot of its allure when you realize all you lost as a result. I sat in that chemo chair today wishing I was prouder of myself than I was, wishing I could find my smile, wishing I could celebrate care free but that is nearly impossible to ask of me.

But. Like every other hard day in this impossible journey, my people pick me up.

I came home to a celebration that forced me to not only realize, but also celebrate the magnitude of today’s accomplishment. My bestie Hilary knocked it out of the park, as she always does, when I drove up to see “BEEF” balloons waiting for me. I mean, cmon! That’s awesome. Inside were our families and best friends gathered to toast a glass of champagne (Special Juice, aka Welches sparkling juice for me and Sheila) & break some bread in my honor. I sabered a bottle of champagne & my brother brought me a bell to ring as well. It was loud! And yes you read that sign in the background right, NO DAYS LEFT!

Here are a few more shots from the afternoon: These guys sure know how to make a girl feel good! And they’re not half bad looking, eh?! 

As Hilary & I prepare to slumber for the evening to the tune of Flip or Flop, know that I know with all of my heart that I couldn’t have done ANY of this without your incredible love and mighty support since day one. Team Beef has come through for me every minute of every day & I don’t take that lightly. I have SO much love for all of you!! 

Please pray for tomorrow with the shot and recovery. Knowing what you’re in for is the worst. And pray that adrenaline takes over and I can have a smooth recovery this round. I do believe that’d be a fitting way to end chemo. Thank you!! 

I go to bed tonight exhausted, emotional & really excited at the prospect that my hair can finally start growing soon. I can finally be on a path to being a “normal” human again. Wow. 

Catch ya on the flip side guys, after a couple more guest bloggers. 💜

Love you guys! 


4 thoughts on “Chemo is DONE

  1. Love seeing the photos of beautiful you and your lovely family! So glad they were there to celebrate with you. You should be incredibly proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished an amazing thing, and you’ve done so with such grace, positivity and contagious humor. Thank you for sharing this with us. Praying for the next few weeks.


  2. Team Beef’s love and support has only just begun! We will always be behind you!! You are more incredible than you know!


  3. I said it at the beginning and I’ll say it again — you are an inspiration! I’m in awe of your strength, your attitude, your sense of humor, and dang girl you can write. Keep fighting!


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