The Good News Is…

Hello Team Beef,

Well, the good news is I do have a brain up there, after all.

Even better news is, my brain scan came back completely normal. They said it looked to be comically inclined, which I’ve always known of course. Kidding. But hey, a normal brain!!

In typical fashion, I quickly marked this off the list and moved on to what’s next to being fully NED. In sharing the news with a good friend and my part of course being, “I’m happy but…,” while listing off all the ‘next steps’ left, she responded with, “…the idea of an end point is a fallacy. All you have is what you have today and today you have AWESOME news that your brain is cancer free and that bodes well for your strong and healthy future!!!!”

Mic drop!

She’s right. My life for the next 5 years at the very least will be working towards that next appointment & that next scan. My brain operates very much off of lists – accomplishing one thing and moving on to the next. I’m not much of a “rest on your laurels” kind of girl. That bode very well for me in my fight with cancer but it’s time to give myself a break and celebrate the WIN!!


My brain is NORMAL and that is step one: CHECK in being NED!!

High fives all around, Team Beef!




9 thoughts on “The Good News Is…

  1. Prayers are answered. One step closer for sure! Keep the positive results and good news coming and we will keep the prayers coming your way. Love you. Mom and Dad Hart


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