A Perfect Weekend! 

Wings, pizza & BBQ, basketball, Elton John records, fine wine, the Wobble, firepit, a sunburn, sleeping in, girl talk for days, coffee mornings shared with some of my favorite people – guys, I had the best weekend! 

We had a full house and I’ve come to learn about myself that I love nothing more than waking up to that. A good chat over a cup of coffee to start the day, you can’t beat it. 

My sister and Brian got in Thursday night for the weekend. This is the first year ever I didn’t fill out a bracket and let me tell you, it’s been liberating! I’m just pulling for upsets left and right. There’s been a lack of buzzer beater excitement this year so I am worried about One Shining Moment but I’m trusting they’ll find a way to still make it great. Our house did turn somber yesterday when word got out that Archie is leaving Dayton. I have one happy brother in law but Anna and Brian were not ready to hear that yet.  My sister and I did manage to get a sunburn Friday while making the most of the 80 degree day (yes we broke the outdoor recliners out again!). We also enjoyed a quick firepit before basketball Friday evening with most of my family stopping over. I love having these humans in my house!! 

This past week was also the annual Yelp Managers Summit so everyone was in town from all over the country. I had serious FOMO of course seeing everyone here on my home turf without me. Once it ended, my bestie Kaela came out for the weekend. We had a delightful brunch yesterday. Kaela is so wise, she is such a good listener and she gives the best advice/perspective. I could sit with her all day and talk and well, that’s exactly what we did all weekend. She’s also the best dance party partner. Last night, my other PHX bestie Ashley came out to the house too. When I moved to Chicago, Kaela & Ashley gifted me a picture frame of themselves for my desk – not the three of us, just themselves. It makes me laugh everytime. I’ve even gotten updated pictures from them. 🙂 Cancer is stupid but I’ll always be so thankful for all the memories I’ve gotten to create with my friends who have made such an effort to come spend time with me. It means the world! And my abs sure hurt from all the laughs. 

These two did get me up and dancing last night. The Wobble is a dance I can’t not dance too when I hear it. I’m infamous for it at Yelp – not because of my moves but because I can’t not do it when I hear it. I danced through one or two rounds of it to look at my watch and see my heart rate at 150. We had a good moment of laughter over that! So out of shape.

Kevin and I spent a brief moment this morning planning for the week ahead. It’s busy & it’s heavy. We have a big day medically Tuesday and of course Hallie’s due date Friday. The difference in tone today though is my heart is so happy after such great quality time with a few of my favorite people this weekend. The way everything came together to have a full house this weekend, the distraction from reality it became, it was exactly what I needed to face this week head on. I, we, are so incredibly well supported and while I know that everyday, I felt it in such a big way over the past few days.  For today, my heart is full. I know how fortunate I am through all of this to have such incredible people in my life and while that doesn’t change what we have to face this week, it sure as heck helps to know and to feel that the burden is shared. 


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