Tri City Classic

Yesterday my high school teammate Randi & high school friend Brian, now the Head Coach at North, combined forces to honor us at the Tri City Classic. 4 teams (Geneva, Batavia, East & North), all rivals, coming together for us. It was humbling! How cool are those shirts too?! I will tell you that people like this, nights like last night – it’s the continued reminder that we are going to be ok. The continued support has been so clutch in our healing, in our ability to move forward. We have such incredible people in our lives! We continue to find so much comfort in people’s willingness to keep Hallie’s name at the forefront too. I know it’s not easy but we so, so appreciate it! 

It was also such a blast watching high school sports again. Man, it takes you right back. Randi and I were joking that we watch these talented girls play, and in our minds we are able to do the same thing still but then if we actually got on the field? Not a chance, ha! We are getting old! There have been so many blessings in this insane season of our life, and one I continue to be most thankful for is the reconnection of friendships like this. Brian & Randi, thank you so much for making this happen! 

Thank you also to the Geneva, Batavia, East & North girls soccer programs. It was such a kind act of support on your behalf, we are forever grateful! It was so fun to watch you all play too. Impressive play!  

I think this is the first picture Kevin & I have taken together in a long time. Those smiles are real, thanks to all of you.

Good luck to your squad Big B in the postseason. I’d like to think you guys have Hallie on your side for a heck of a run! Go North Stars! 

Forever grateful, 

Kevin & Beef 

2 thoughts on “Tri City Classic

  1. Those shirts are amazing! “Play with Hart” is so special. Hallie’s inner athlete is loving all these sports events in hers and your honor!


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