One Year Appt – Cancer Free!

Another wildly huge milestone achieved: one year post treatment, still cancer free ✔️ For the past year, I’ve celebrated these milestones with such joy & pure candor and yesterday we made a few calls, sent a few texts and were in bed by 7 with Season 6 of Parenthood. I think we can simply mark this season of life with the title of, “exhausted.”

I will share, albeit hesitantly because you know, “jinx!, but my Doctors this time around chose to forego scans and opted only for the physical exam & PAP. Because of my progress over the past year, they recommended that scans be pushed to every six months, meaning my next scan will be in June. Big deal, right?!

It’s a great milestone for us – an enormous one really. I love my doctors confidence and I’m going to ride their coattails forever on it. I’m pretty sure it’s made me “feel” things in my body at a def con 5 status over the past week and still this morning, knowing I didn’t have a scan. Is that headache a brain tumor? Is that tightness in my chest cancer spread? Or is it because I just flew to PHX and I think I got coughed on 5 times directly on the plane? 99% chance it’s the latter but rationale thinking doesn’t always work in a cancer survivors brain. I can feel myself coming to grips with being 16 months cancer free & being one year out of treatment but I can see & feel how much healing is still to be had. It has been a much bigger task that we could’ve ever imagined, tackling all the baggage that comes with cancer and in the heat of those moments, we simply say to ourselves, “progress not perfection.”

This blog has collected some cobwebs as of late as my physical desire to let people in just hasn’t been there. It’s not for lack of love for you all & it surely isn’t for lack of our need for your continued support. I just simply haven’t found myself capable of opening up. As we cross this milestone and add it to hopefully a very, very long list of similar milestones, we continue to find a way to start each morning feeling grateful that I am alive. And that I have crazy, wacky, curly hair.

We are forever grateful for the way in which you all have walked with us the past 16 months & specifically during treatment as I think back all your prayers, support & acts of kindness. It inspired me every step of the way.

We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers!

All our love, Beef & Kevin

5 thoughts on “One Year Appt – Cancer Free!

  1. You have every right to go through phases of wanting to let people in and not! You have shown such tremendous courage through this whole season of ups and downs, and your support group will be there for you no matter how you need them in the moment. I love you and your crazy, wacky, curly hair 😉

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