Happy 1st Birthday Hallie!

This is your day Hallie! A day that has our hearts in a million pieces, so much so that we don’t quite have the words to articulate it to the world. Instead of even trying, we use this day instead to announce some exciting things we have in the works to honor you, kid. You deserve the world and more and we are so proud to take these first steps in honoring your legacy.

And so, today, on your first birthday, we are excited to announce the creation of Hallie’s Hope! Our entire purpose is to honor those tiny footprints of yours that left such an enormous imprint of hope and strength on our lives, and it’s time to bring that unmatched hope and strength of yours to those who need it most.

Hallie’s Hope is designed initially to serve all the #halliestrong warriors out there battling cancer. We know firsthand the enormous battle that fighting cancer is and everybody needs (and deserves) a little hope in those dark days. We also know that the impact of cancer doesn’t magically go away with a clear scan, so we will work to bring that same strength and hope to those warriors who are learning to live as survivors. Lastly, we will honor and recognize the warriors who choose to join these cancer warriors in their journey – the close friends and family members that become care takers. Who, without pause, jump into the messy and the ugly that cancer is, to support, to aid, to do anything necessary to see their loved one through. We too know that requires enormous strength (aren’t you so proud of your Dad, Hallie?!). No one ever tells these people how much cancer will impact and change them, too, and we are going to change that!

Moments of levity are what got us through our battle so you will see a lot of that sewn into how we drive the purpose of Hallie’s Hope forward. We believe humor would’ve been one of your greatest strengths Hallie, second only to mine, right?!

What will give us the ability to act on all these initiatives and what we are ultimately so excited to also announce today is the creation of the HallieStrong Foundation. The Foundation will give us the ability to fundraise to make an even greater impact in spreading acts of Hallie’s Hope. We have visions of 5k’s, golf outings, fundraisers, etc. My biggest goal and what we are working so hard for down the road is the vision I have for a gala! Tons of people, gathered in your name, with the sole common purpose to make sure no one ever forgets your legacy. We are nearly finished with the process of becoming an official 501(c) non profit.

We clearly have so many hopes and dreams – really, you should see our business plans! Our desire is to do this right for Hallie so you’ll see this all unfold over time but we simply couldn’t pass up taking today, her birthday, to announce it all coming together. We hope it makes you proud Hallie! It’s the absolute least we could do and it brings us so much joy as your parents to serve you in such a meaningful way.

We will be launching our website & social media sites soon, we will make sure to announce everything here so you’ll be able to connect directly with it all. In the meantime, if you know a warrior (or if you are one!) that would benefit from Hallie’s Hope, email us at hallieshope@halliestrong.org.

You’ll also start to see updates to how we blog through the website, but have no fear, this personal blog of ours isn’t going anywhere. My hope is that because we are taking action for Hallie, I’ll find my way with words again and be able to let people in, again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hopping on this ride with us. It has made me and Kevin so happy to dive head first into it all. We have big hopes and dreams for where this can go and our daughter deserves it all. We have so many platforms because of our story and the fact that we can now go out and impact those in Hallie’s name is a opportunity that we, her parents, so desperately needed. Especially today, as we mark such a painful day. Can you imagine the party she’s having in Heaven?

As for us, we escaped to the beach this weekend to mark her birthday together in a place that we would’ve undoubtedly made a lot of family memories at. We are currently sitting under stormy skies and I can’t help but know she totally had a hand in that. Truly her Mama’s daughter. Love you forever Hallie!

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Hallie!

  1. Really beautiful, Kevin and Bethany. We love the โ€œThree of You!l

    ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—Aunt Jeanne and Crew๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—


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