19 Months: Perfect Scans

We are happy to report that my scans came back, “perfect,” today! We sure love hearing those words from Dr. Potkul. For those counting, this marks 19 months since I’ve had cancer in my body & 15 months since I completed treatment. Here’s to 19 million more months of perfect scans.

The lead up to scans is always quite daunting, so a big thanks for all your prayers. Let me tell you, there’s no bigger sigh of relief known to man than when a cancer survivor hears, “all clear.”  It is not lost on us that nothing is a given with cancer, no matter how much time has passed. We are always, always very aware of the many routes this day could’ve gone, so we are deeply grateful for the continued clean bill of health.


What was most exciting (and distracting!) for us this scan week was our ability to spread Hallie’s Hope during our time at the hospital. Thanks to so many generous sock donations, we were able to drop off 12 care packages to the children’s oncology unit & 20 to the regular chemo unit where I received treatment. The kid socks were amazing- most of them were super hero themed – could that be any more appropriate for these tiny humans conquering this brutal disease?! Cancer really is the worst but we couldn’t be prouder to do this in honor of Hallie. Doing anything we can to make lemonade out of our lemons. If you haven’t followed us yet on our Foundation website/blog – check it out today: http://www.halliestrong.org.

And those shirts! These came today and they are going to be available for purchase soon through the Foundation, as a fundraiser for the care packages! This all makes us so happy. Considering, of course.

Keep praying for us as we continue to tackle this post cancer life & as we continue to (sort of) patiently wait to be matched in the adoption process.  For today, thank you, thank you, thank you for getting us through another round of scans.

All our love,
Beef & Kevin

6 thoughts on “19 Months: Perfect Scans

  1. Bethany and Kevin:

    We are so happy to hear this wonderful “All Clear” news and just admire like crazy all the creativity and love behind HallieStrong. You two are a FORCE. A very beloved “FORCE.”

    Aunt Jeanne, Kristen, Will, Markie, Brandeis(from above!) and Mattie.💚


  2. Definitely making lemonade and such great news on the “perfect scans”. Our angel watching over you and will always do so. Love you both. Mom and Dad


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