bRUNch for #HallieStrong

A couple months ago, I got involved with an amazing nonprofit, Imerman Angels, whose sole purpose is to provide 1:1 support for cancer patients and caregivers. I found them by happenstance one morning and got lost in their website & mission for hours. I could write a whole book on the emotional side of cancer, something that is so underrepresented vs. the physical side of it so this mission naturally made my survivor’s heart leap for joy.

Whats been really cool is seeing the mission of IA collide with our work to honor Hallie. We have two really cool things to share!

One. bRUNch. Get it? Brunch & Run! Or walk with me, #badhips, thanks cancer! On Saturday, June 8th, Imerman’s is hosting a Brunch Run 5k/one mile walk on the Chicago lakefront that features brunch and of course, mimosas! We’ve put together a team to walk/run in memory of Hallie – Team #HallieStrong. There’s that creativity again. If you’re in town that weekend, we would LOVE to have you join us on the walk/run, in orange, for Hallie!

To join Team #HallieStrong – follow this link here & click on “Join this Team!” Registration includes bunch, mimosa/beer, a shirt & medal – and a cheers to Hallie at the finish line. Bonus, too! Use this code to get $10 off of each registration: HART2019PB (aka, can be used multiple times, so feel free to share).

For those that can’t join us in person, here’s a link to donate if you’d like. Everything we raise for IA goes directly towards their mission of providing 1:1 mentorship for cancer patients/survivors/caregivers. I signed up in January to be a mentor, it’s a really incredible cause but more than that, it’s a very necessary cause. We’d love to raise $750 for them!

Second thing to share and quite notably, Kevin committed to running his first marathon with Team Imerman, after a little encouragement from his good ole wife. And ok, encouragement is used loosely, maybe it was guilt… “..If I can survive cancer, you can run so no one fights cancer alone AND for Hallie, right?!” Ok yeah, it was totally guilt, what a guy. He’ll be running the Chicago Marathon in October. We’ve done three half marathons together but this will be his first full. Most of you know but the damage to my hips from the radiation treatment stole my running career, otherwise I’d be right there next to him. Well, a half hour behind him, but you know what I mean. I will be along that entire course though, in all orange, and I will be cheering so loudly at the finish line for him! Mark your calendars early (Sunday, October 13th) to join us then too, we are going to have a celebration post race, I guarantee you that! If any of you runners out there are inspired by this, you can join Kevin in running on behalf of Team Imerman too. They still have slots open for the race.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Kevin lots as he prepares for the race and what the experience means to him. I have a feeling there is going to be a LOT of emotion that day and I know Hallie is already so proud of her Dad for doing this.

That’s the exciting (maybe crazy) news out of the Hart household. I wrote a few weeks ago about trying to find our new normal, Beef & Kevin 2.0 & I’d say this is a start! Check those calendars today for the Brunch Run – we would love to see that course flooded with #HallieStrong orange!


A Little Note to Heaven

Guest Blog written by Hilary Miele

A little note to Heaven,

That sweet angel, the one with ginger ringlets and that sparkly-eyed smile. That little girl with the purest heart of gold like her dad; who’s a force to be reckoned with like her mom. She’s the one who throws her head back as she belly laughs just as mama does and gets that same mischievous giggle when found in a pickle that works like a charm for her daddy. She’s sweet, with a little sass, witty and quick, gentle yet strong. She’s our Hallie girl and today she would be 2!

I remember when her mom told me she was pregnant with their first baby to be. We immediately started scheming up so many plans and wishes for how baby Hart’s years would unfold – never considering a life of celebrating Hallie without actually having her here with us. I remember when her mom, in the thick of her diagnosis, sent me a picture of her ultrasound with the tiniest, sweetest, little body letting me know “it’s a girl – and we decided to name her Hallie Hope”. Immediately wishes became prayers, begging for a MIRACLE.

Hallie left us seconds after she entered the world and my wishes for her and her parents became wishes of comfort, strength, and somehow peace for Hallie’s mom and dad and their shattered hearts.

The last two years, I have been one of many sending so many wishes in the way of Hallie’s mom and dad. Wishes that they know how present Hallie is in all of our lives. Wishes that they may feel how impacted we are by her presence, her hope, and her light. Wishes of so much; but today I just want them to feel all of our birthday wishes for Hallie.

Hallie, we hope you feel how loved you truly are. We wish you know how deeply you inspire hope in countless lives and how we work to inspire hope in memory of your life. I hope you know that not a day goes by that you aren’t thought of, talked about, celebrated, or dreamed of. I hope you know how you have made your mom and dad the BEST parents that we all learn from daily. I hope you know that we find you in every sunset, feel you every time the sun warms our skin, every time the trees burst into orange in the fall. We see you in every rainbow, we feel you every time we celebrate our biggest triumphs knowing you are right there helping things happen, and every time we get through our tough days, we know you’re the one pulling us through. Hallie, we celebrate you and miss you every single day and look forward to the wonder you will continue to spread in the years to come. We hope you know that even through your loss, you have been the biggest light, making this world better than how you found it two years ago. When we wished and prayed for a miracle to save you from leaving us here on earth, we didn’t yet realize the miracle you would be fulfilling us from Heaven.

Take extra good care of our girl today, Heaven. Squeeze her extra tight for us. Rumor has it she likes DQ treats naturally like her mama and daddy. Im sure there’s a Dairy Queen in Heaven – right 😉

Happy 2nd Heavenly birthday Hallie. You are truly our greatest gift.


Aunt Dupree