#beatsccc is now HallieStrong!

Cancer doesn’t have too many perks but you do learn a lot about yourself during the fight & if you look hard enough, you can even find silver linings peeking through the pain, loss & fear. One silver lining for us has been this blog, the love I discovered for writing through it & all the people we’ve connected with because of it. We started this blog originally as a way to keep all of our friends & family up to date as we fought to #beatsccc and it meant so much to see the support for it grow throughout. Since finishing treatment in March of 2017, most of you know we’ve launched our foundation, The HallieStrong Foundation, as a way to spread warmth & hope to those now fighting cancer in memory of Hallie. My hope is to continue to blog (much more frequently in 2019 #resoluton!) and we’re excited to merge these two outlets of ours. What was #beatsccc is now #halliestrong. 🧡

So bookmark the new site (halliestrong.wordpress.com) & look forward to hearing from me & Kevin (and guest bloggers, per tradition) much more! And have no fear, our entire blog to date is still here & never changing!

Happy New Year & cheers to a year of finding the silver linings in life & in cancer.